Protectorate armada Final


Without the fleet, mankindís scattered holdings throughout the Orionís Arm sector of the galaxy would be defenseless pickings for any aggressive species. Without the fleetís protection, the vital trade routes that ensure the viability of numerous colonies and holdings, and which are the lynchpin of the economy, would fall to pirates and brigands. Without the fleet, there would be no Protectorate.

While there has been, technically, a star fleet for the Terran Protectorate from Landing Day on, the militarization of the fleet did not occur, truly, until a border dispute with the Xintrin Merchant Guild 100 years ago. While the conflict ended quickly, and resulted in a closer relationship between the Protectorate and the Merchant Guild, it also led to the rise of the Terran Protectorate Stellar Navy (PSN), also known as the Fleet.

The mission of the Fleet is to maintain space dominance within Terran Protectorate territory, defend the security of trade routes in Protectorate space, and to achieve space control over the skies of enemy planets in time of war. It also has the duty of delivering colonial marines planetside in landing operations, and does about 50% of the Protectorateís exploration and ďfirst contactĒ missions.

Sixty-five years ago, the Fleet faced its biggest challenge: defending human space from the advances of the Arkhon Empire. It succeeded, forcing the Arkhons to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Protectorate, and bringing a generation of peace and prosperity. Now, the Arkhon are on the move again. This time, they do not seem to be simply making a power grab into contested space. This time, they seem intent on ripping the beating heart out of the Protectorate once and for all, damning earthís descendents to a future of slavery and servitude. To do that, they must achieve space dominance throughout the Protectorate. And to do that, they must destroy the Fleet.


Itís a task the Arkhon Space Air and Sea Fleet would like to be easy. They are not going to get their wish. Since the last war, the Fleet has learned from its failures and capitalized on its successes. Using a combination of old successful ship designs and new, powerful ones, the Fleet has deployed to meet the enemy with one of the best-trained military forces in human history. But success is not guaranteed. The Arkhon have a technological edge, and three thousand years of space war experience. The coming clash between these two mighty forces will send shockwaves throughout known space, and will determine the fate billions.


Second Veil Battle PostCapital Vessels


Hastings Battle Carrier

Liberty Fleet Carrier

Nova Dreadnought

Powell Battleship


Subcapital and Escort Ships


Archer Escort Carrier

Armstrong Heavy Cruiser

Devon Pinnace

Firestorm Frigate

Holstein Pinnace

Rama Ballistic Destroyer

Titan HLV


Star fighters


Ballista Heavy Strike Fighter

Crossbow Space Superiority Fighter



Ground Vehicles of the Colonial Marines