Type II Rama-Class Destroyer


“The little ship that could.” That’s what many people call the Rama-Class Ballistic Destroyer. The destroyer was the first ship specifically designed to combat the Arkhon during the middle of the first war between the Protectorate and the Empire. It was so successful a design that it has stayed on active duty for 63 years and is still present in large numbers throughout the fleet.

The build run on the destroyer ended 15 years before the current war, But if things get desperate, the Protectorate may begin constructing the ship again. It is quick to build, relatively cheap, and easy to upkeep. This is mainly because the ship is no frills and no nonsense. The early versions did not even have artificial gravity.

During the last war, Arkhon frigates and even capital ships learned to respect these ships. They are tenacious, with most of their weapon systems still operable even after the ship itself has been disabled. On more than one occasion, a Rama’s gun crews were able to keep fighting in space suits even after the ship was entirely disabled. In fact, during the last battle of the war, the Battle of the Volo Anchorage, the Beowulf had taken so much damage that the automated escape pod sequence had engaged. The weapons crews resolved to stay aboard, manning their guns in space suits, to provide screening fire for the last carrier of the fleet, and were able to destroy two more enemy frigates.

The Rama was the first ship class to employ a practical mobile mass driver. Previously, mass drivers were only used as weapons on planetary defense platforms, due to their size and power requirements. Technology had progressed enough by the middle of the first war so that the Rama was able to employ a scaled down version of the weapon. However, the weapon system needed its own, small, independent power plant. In the Type IIs, a refit of the original Rama-Class, upgraded main reactors eliminated the need for the second reactor. The slug fired by the Rama is 200 lbs. and does not contain an anti-matter core like the newer Armstrong and Powell class capital ships. Still, it can cripple enemy frigates and escort ships with ease, and the Arkhons learned early on not to let a Rama point its bow at them.

In addition to the mass driver, the Ramas have a pair of heavy pulse lasers, to maintain combat flexibility. They also have a pair of long-range missile launchers, and eight 120mm electromagnetic rail auto cannons which they use to protect the larger ships they often escort from fighter attacks.

The Rama destroyers are named after heroic mythical figures. Examples include the Rama, Beowulf, Herakles, Heimdall, and Lu Bei.

Model: DDB Type II Rama-Class Ballistic Destroyer

Crew: 14 officers, 220 crewmen.

M.D.C. by Location

120mm auto cannons (8) – 500 each

Long-range missile launchers (2) – 700 each

Heavy pulse lasers (2) – 1,000 each

Mass Driver – 1,500

Radar Tower – 400

* Bridge – 2,000

**Engines (2) – 4,500 each

Outer Hull Section (40ft/12.2 m area) – 100

Inner Hull Section (40ft/12.2 m area) – 75

***Main Body – 10,000

*Destroying the bridge of the Rama destroys its primary control systems. Its auxiliary controls are extremely limited, however, and are only really capable of getting the vessel back to dry dock for repairs.

**Destroying an engine reduces the ship’s overall speed by 50%. Destroying both immobilizes the vessel and destroys the FTL system.

***Depleting the MDC of the main body disables the vessel, leaving it a floating wreck with multiple hull breaches. However, the 120mm auto cannons have independent power systems and can still be operated.


Max Acceleration/Deceleration Rate: 6G’s per melee round.

FTL Speeds: Cx365 (roughly a light-year per day)

Top Atmospheric Maneuvering Speed: Mach 6 (can achieve escape velocity on a full engine burn). The Rama is the largest capital ship capable of making a planetary landing.

Statistical Data

Height: 150 ft

Length: 450 ft

Width: 208.5 ft

Cargo: 1,000 tons

Power Plant: Anti-Matter Reactor

FTL system: Negative Mass Drive (Military-grade NMD-365)

Range: 182 light years (carries 6 months of consumables for the crew)

Cost: Absolutely not for sale.


Weapons Systems


1.    Mass Driver: The Destroyer’s primary weapon fires a 200 lb depleted uranium slug through a high-powered gauss cannon. It is particularly effective against the Arkhon’s armor. It is only restricted by its slow rate of fire and limited ammunition.

Purpose: Anti-Ship

Mega-Damage: Each round does 3D6x100 M.D.

Range: 1,000 miles (actually has a range of 3,000 miles, but it is much easier to dodge at those ranges)

Rate of fire: 2 shots per melee round

Payload: 400 rounds


2.    Long-Range Missile Launchers (2): These launchers fire massive spreads of missiles at enemy ships, giving the Rama extended striking range. They are often fired in large spreads against multiple targets, used to shoot down enemy missiles and are also used to perform planetary bombardments of hardened installations. One is located on either side of the main hull. The Ramas carry mainly armor piercing or medium nuclear warheads.

Purpose: Assault

Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type.

Range: Varies with missile type, generally about 5,000 miles.

Rate of fire: Can fire individually or in volleys of 2, 4, 8 or 12.

Payload: Each launcher has a magazine of 200 missiles.


3.    Heavy Pulse Lasers (2): These weapons were included in the destroyers design in order for it to maintain combat flexibility. There are other alien races out there, and if the Protectorate ever ran afoul of one that had a high resistance to ballistic weaponry, their fleet would be at an extreme disadvantage. These two weapons fire pulses of high-powered microwave lasers (technically making them masers).

Purpose: Anti-Ship

Damage: 2D4x100 M.D. each, can be fired individually, or as a pair, doing 4D4x100 M.D.

Range: 2,000 miles

Rate of fire: Four times per melee each.

Payload: Effectively unlimited.


4.    120mm Double-Barreled Heavy Auto Cannons (8): These heavy auto cannons are used by the destroyers to create an anti-starfighter defense screen around the cruisers and carriers. They are specifically geared toward heavy strike craft, bombers, and for massed broadsides on enemy ships at close range. These cannons are operated by a firing team of two.

Purpose: Anti-star fighter

Mega-Damage: 4D6X10 M.D. per dual blast.

Range: 10 miles

Rate of fire: Six times per melee round.

Payload: Each cannon has a 2,000 round magazine, allowing 1,000 shots.


Sensors of Note: Most of the sensors of the Rama are geared toward targeting and fire control. The short-range sensors have a range of 100,000 miles, and the long-range sensors are basic mass detectors with a range of 5 million miles. Ramas generally rely on other ships to scan planets and assess long-range tactical threats. The Rama receives most of its sensor data from the larger ships and scouts.