The Protectorate’s marine force uses a variety of mecha and land vehicles adapted for combat in the varied environments found across the various planets in known space. More so than even the fleet, the marine ground forces have to be flexible and adaptable to ensure they are effective against the Arkhon and numerous pirate and brigand forces. They may be unexpectedly left to fend for themselves in hostile, alien territory or have to defend Protectorate ground assets against a sustained siege until the fleet and reinforcements can arrive.

The marine’s forces are designed to be highly mobile, hard-hitting, and flexible. They can be deployed rapidly, and through heavily adverse conditions. They also utilize the most advance technologies developed by the human race.

In the previous war, there was little ground combat, as both sides had a tendency to obliterate ground targets from orbit. But in this campaign, the Arkhon are after territory: First, to capture territory they were forced to cede during the last war. Second, to take fertile new territory recently settled by the Protectorate. And, in a “pie in the sky” goal, the Arkhon hope to occupy Terra itself and make an example of the human race that will bring every other species in line for years to come.

These two forces are set to collide, and will likely be a determining factor in the war to come. If the marines can stall out the Arkhon offensive, it may wither on the vine. They could then be deployed into Arkhon territory to destroy their ability to make war. If they fail to hold the line, the Arkhon will be able to bring more and more pressure on Protectorate territory, keeping humanity’s forces in a defensive position that will make it nearly impossible to go on the offensive.

The Colonial Marines know this, and will use everything in their power to make sure the Arkhon do not gain ground control in the war.



Duelist Power Armor

Trebuchet Combat Robot

Chromium Avenger Robot



Wolfhound Main Battle Hover Tank

Normandy Orbital Drop Armored Personnel Carrier