Once a species discovers a means to go faster-than-light the sky is no longer the limit. Starships are arguably the most important technology in known space. The ability to cross the unimaginable distances between stars is the only reason sentient species are even aware of each other’s existence. Commerce, war, travel, exploration and discovery all rely on starships. And all those different purposes, and more, require different kinds of ships.


Starship Sensors

A primer on starship sensors in Riftspace. Ranges, types, bonuses…everything you need to know.



Non-Military Ships

Cargo ships, transports, pleasure craft, and exploration vessels fall into this category.



Paramilitary Ships

These are light combat vessels not specifically designed or used by one military. They are available to civilians, but often under tight restrictions. Law enforcement vessels, mercenary ships and civil defense craft fall under this category.



Military Ships

These are the warships of the major space-faring species, divided by each government’s fleet.


Terran Protectorate Stellar Navy

The Terran Protectorate uses balanced, well-armored ships designed for specialized fleet roles, such as frigates, carriers and cruisers.


Arkhon Space Air and Sea (SAS) Imperial Star Fleet

The Arkhon employ fast multi-purpose warships that are equipped with some of the best technology in known space.


Arnuban Telum Immortalis

The Arnuban use mass-produced short-range ships designed primarily as commerce raiders.


Fahreen Galactic Survey and Trade Fleet

Fahreen ships are massive multi-purpose galleons designed to protect their precious cargo from theft…and detection.


Mogg’theran Armadas

The Armadas of the Mogg’theran are made up of high-quality, well-balanced ships consisting of specialized, but flexible, designs.


Xintrin Merchant Guild Trade Defense Force

The Guild fields a fleet of armored cargo ships and battle-ready transports designed to defend Xintrin territory and trade routes.