Xintrin Merchant Guild Trade Defense Force


Xintrin military ships are designed to defend guild territory, protect shipping lanes and move cargo efficiently and safely. Their ships have the most cargo-carrying ability, some of the fastest FTL drives, and they are capable of producing a lot of them.

Where their ships lack is in weapons and maneuverability. So the Xintrin prefer to use a large number of ships, flying in specific formations for specific combat circumstances.

The Xintrin built up a large fleet in the face of a Berylan incursion about 50 years ago. They were successful in eventually destroying a large armada and liberating two colonies overrun by the malicious aliens. They also destroyed a key Berylan shipyard and forward command base which ended the war. However, in the aftermath, they were left with a lot of ships that they really didnít need. Being Xintrin, they began selling them. Thus Xintrin ships are not only found in Xintrin space, but they are also found in the Free Colonies and the Empire of Many Suns as well.

The Xintrin do not buy into the star fighter concept, since fighters cannot carry a significant amount of cargo, and there are no Xintrin fighters.


Xintrin Warships


Monopoly-Class War Galleon

Profitable-Class Trade Cruiser

Free Trader-Class Patrol Ship

Seeker of Restitution (a.k.a. Avenger) Gunship