Non-Military Ships of Rifts Space


While there is definitely glory, action, and excitement in the big, bold military ships wielded by such cosmic powers as the Protectorate, the Arkhons and Xintrin, most spacers will never own one of those. The following pages are for ships that are for civilian use. The space lanes are full of civilian ships of all different shapes and sizes. The ships below include your common freighters and personal transports, as well as big, corporate interstellar haulers and exploration vessels.



Light and Medium Transports

This ship class includes medium and small cargo transports, merchantmen, and even some non-military law enforcement vessels. They are the most common type of ships in space, and the most likely to be owned by independent adventurers.


AT-55 Medium Transport

Boone-Class Scout Ship

Dragoon Scout Ship

KV-7 Starmaster Light Transport

KV-19 Nebula Racer

Xintrin Free Trader Medium Transport


Large Commercial Vessels

While still civilian vehicles, these ships are generally so big or so expensive that only large corporations or the super-wealthy can afford them. They include the super cargo ships, commercial exploration vessels and the like that are the backbone of commerce throughout the Orion’s Arm.


C-98 Steinman Class B Heavy Hauler

CC-3 Pulsar Multi-purpose Cargo Cruiser

Ceres Supertanker

G-9 Atlas Container Ship

Percheron Superhauler

Siena Ray High-Speed Armored Transport

Venture Exploration Cruiser



Non-FTL ships

These are cargo and civilian ships that operate without FTL capabilities. Without the use of a carrier, or other vehicle to dock with, they cannot travel outside of a solar system.


KV-2 Del Porto Intersystem Tug

Captain’s Launch

CI-6 Model M Tanker

“Hopper” Transorbital Shuttle