Mogg’theran Imperial Armada

Even though, technically, the “Imperial” part is a misnomer, the Mogg’theran nomadic fleets are most commonly referred to as Imperial Armadas, particularly by residents of the Empire of Many Suns. But there is no more Empire, and there is no more central fleet or command. All of the separate, massive armadas of the Mogg’theran are independent operating entities. Though mostly structured the same, they have their own separate goals, agendas and allegiances. Most are for hire. Some seek the restoration of the Empire, and some have departed for parts unknown, possibly to find a new home among the stars.

Though the Empire is gone, the ships remain. And at the time of the fall of the Empire, 200 years ago, the Mogg’theran had the best-equipped fleet in known space, with the exception of the Vorhasi, and nobody really knows what they’ve got.

Mogg’theran ships are well-armored, equipped with powerful, state-of-the-art weaponry (other races are only now catching up, 200 years later), and they have mastered gravity control systems far beyond either the Terran Protectorate, Xintrin Merchant Guild or the Arkhon Imperial Freehold.

The only things stopping the Mogg’theran from being aggressive conquerors are (1), they have no standing army, meaning no way to hold any ground they take, (2), their ships are their homes, and they have become very cautious with them and do not want to engage in a war that puts their children and history as a species at risk, and (3), most Mogg’theran seem disinterested in ruling over any one any more.

Still, their ships are formidable, and give any invader pause. The Great Ships are technological marvels that most engineers would give years off of their lives to study. Having been in space for 200 years without rest, most Mogg’theran are top spacers, with a level of skill that makes their deadly ships even deadlier.

Some suspect that the Mogg’theran have at least a few hidden shipyards where they rebuild, refurbish and restock their massive armadas, but if so, they keep such locations a preciously guarded secret.



Great Ships

Celestial Raptor Battlecruiser

Solar Shrike Attack Frigate

Starblade Heavy Fighter