Paramilitary Vessels

GISS outpost

This class of ships includes original, non-military surplus combat vessels used by colonies and independent organizations. They are not quite full military vessels, but they are combat vessels used to secure space lanes and keep the peace.

Some are military surplus vessels, which tend to be the most heavily armed and armored warships of the previous generation. Somewhat outdated against current military standards, they are still very capable. While the Stalwarts are in very limited supply, “knock-offs” of both the Holstein and the Arrow have begun to come out of Xintrin space. The Holstein is becoming very popular among smugglers, traders and pirates.

The others are designed specifically for military use by mercenaries, militias and other paramilitary groups.



Accipiter Patrol Frigate

Dagger Patrol Corvette

MK-7 Escort Carrier

Ranger Defense Corvette

Stalwart Heavy Cruiser




Duende XI Gunship

L-750 Enforcer Light Patrol Ship

Holstein Pinnace (same as Protectorate version, minus the medium-range missile launcher; cost is 20 million credits)

Orniraptor Mk IV



Arrow Interceptor

R-80 Star Chaser

SF-22 “Jackjumper” Civil Defense Fighter

Sundagger Light Interceptor