STS-5 “Hopper” Transorbital Shuttle


This little shuttle is ubiquitous throughout Protectorate space and the Free Colonies. It is a simple passenger and light cargo shuttle used for ferrying small amounts of people and goods around in planetary orbit. They are unarmed and short-range, but extremely affordable and utilitarian.

Most Protectorate ships have one or two Hoppers. Space stations, both military and civilian, have whole fleets of them and a good number of upper middle class youth get one for their “coming of age” celebration. They carry everything from diplomatic envoys to laundry.

Model: STS-5 Hopper

Class: Transorbital Shuttle

Crew: One, can carry up to six passengers or one ton of cargo.

M.D.C. by Location

*Engine pods (2) – 80 each

**Main Body – 250

*Destroying an engine pod will reduce speed by half. Destroying both will leave the little vessel adrift.

**Depleting the Main Body will activate the automated distress beacon and leave the vessel a floating wreck. However, the shuttle has redundant life support capable of sustaining life for an additional twenty-four hours. Reducing the Main Body to -75 M.D.C. destroys the vessel. The resulting explosion is too weak to damage most nearby vessels unless they are docked (2D6x10 M.D.).


Maximum Sublight Speed: 100,000 miles per hour.

Maximum Rate of Acceleration/Deceleration: 4 Gs.

FTL Speed: Impossible.

Maximum Atmospheric Maneuvering Speed: Mach 2, can achieve escape velocity on a full engine burn, but cannot maneuver.

Statistical Data.

Height: 10 feet

Length: 38 feet

Width: 24 feet

Mass: 4 tons

Cargo: One ton (2,000 lbs.)

Power Plant: Micro-fusion drive.

Range: 600,000 miles (the moon and back)

Market Cost: 100,000 credits, new. Anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 used.


Weapon Systems: None


Sensors: Very short-range sensors with 5,000 miles range. Long-range mass detectors have 50,000 miles range. These are more or less meant for traffic navigation and landing.


Bonuses: Come in an array of colors and stylish interiors. Extra-powerful internal gravity control allows for a very smooth, comfortable ride. Collision avoidance systems and “assisted piloting” computer gives a +5% to piloting skills.