G-9 Atlas Container Ship

The Atlas is a modular container ship common along the commercial shipping lanes. Essentially interstellar tugs, these powerful ships haul a number of individual cargo pods. This allows for easy delivery and pick-up, multiple stops that do not require landing, and the ability to swap cargo in deep space with other ships.

They are often used to haul bulk materials like water, ore and raw metals. Each cargo pod has its own separate environmental control system, meaning a container ship can haul items with radically different storage requirements. The cargo pods are attached to a modular frame. Container ships carrier one frame in normal operations, but two additional frames can be added behind the first, tripling the ship’s cargo capacity. The drawbacks are that the Atlas cannot transport passengers in the cargo pods, and the cargo within the pods are not accessible during flight operations.

These ships, frequently used in colonizing worlds and delivering military supplies, come equipped with one ion cannon turret for point defense.

Model: G-9 Atlas

Class: Container Freighter

Crew: Four, capable of carrying up to four more passengers.

M.D.C. by Location

Cargo Pods (varies) – 400 each

Frame – 800

Ion turret – 200

Engine pods (4) – 300 each

*Main body/crew compartment – 800

*Depleting the M.D.C. of the Main Body leaves the vessel a floating wreck. Reducing the main body to -200 M.D.C. causes the vessel to explode, doing 4D6x10 M.D. to everything within a 200-foot radius. There is one escape pod capable of sustaining four for 48 hours.


Maximum Sublight Speed: .2 C., or 20% of the speed of light

Maximum Acceleration\Deceleration Rate: 4 Gs per melee round

Maximum FTL: C-x183 (1/2 light year per day).

Maximum Atmospheric Maneuvering Speed: Mach 3. Can attain escape velocity on a full engine burn, but cannot maneuver.

Statistical Data

Height: 41 feet

Length: 212 feet

Width: 78 feet

Cargo: 400 tons (50 tons per cargo pod; a standard frame carries eight pods.)

Power Plant: Helium-3 Fusion Drive

FTL Drive: NMD-183 KV Stardrive

Range: 100 light years, or 200 days.

Market Cost: 700,000 credits new, 300,000 credits used.




1. Ion Turret: This is a standard ion turret used against star fighters and missiles. It is remotely controlled by the co-pilot, has a 360-degree rotation and 45 degrees of elevation. While low on power, they have good range for a defense turret.

Primary Purpose: Defense

Mega-Damage: 2D6x10 M.D.

Effective Range: 10 miles

Rate of Fire: Four times per melee round.

Payload: Effectively unlimited.


Sensors: The Atlas has short-range sensors only, with a range of 100,000 miles. Long-range sensors are limited to passive optical (computer-controlled digital telescope) and are used primarily for navigation.