KV-19 Nebula Racer

A popular civilian vessel, particularly for the wealthy or frequent interstellar traveler, the Nebula Racer is built for speed and comfort. Lightly armed, and without much cargo space, it is not equipped for mass cargo hauling, but is often used for smuggling, where it's small cargo hold are more than sufficient for the job, and it's speed is a definite asset.

The engines are easily modified for greater speed, but its power plant’s low secondary power output limits the ability to increase its firepower to one or two other light weapons.

The ship can be operated by an individual with ease, though most are flown by a pilot and co-pilot. It has additional carrying space for four more passengers and can transport 10 tons of cargo.

There is a popular racing circuit through the Terran Protectorate and Free Colonies utilizing the KV-19 and related craft and they are often seen as the “hot rod” transports of the civilian interstellar travel industry.

Model: KV-19 Nebula Racer

Class: Light Transport

Crew: One to four. Can carry up to four additional passengers.

M.D.C. by Location

Ion Turret – 100

Engine pods (2) – 250 each

Reinforced crew compartment – 200

Hatch – 75

*Main body – 650

*Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body disables the vessel, leaving it adrift in space without power or life support and most likely suffering multiple hull breaches. An escape pod for four people is located in the rear and the crew compartment can eject and also become a lifeboat for the pilot and co-pilot. Both have life support for 48 hours and can withstand re-entry and have powerful locator beacons. Reducing the M.D.C. of the vessel to -150 causes it to explode, doing 5D6x10 M.D. to everything within a 400-foot radius.


Maximum Sublight Speed: .07 C. or 0.7% of the speed of light.

Maximum Acceleration/Deceleration: 7 Gs per melee round standard, but those on the racing circuit have been modified to go 8.5Gs.

Maximum FTL Speed: Cx183 (1/2 light year per day).

Maximum Atmospheric Maneuvering Speed: Mach 6. Can attain escape velocity on a full engine burn and still maneuver.

Statistical Data

Height: 20 feet

Length: 80 feet

Width: 35.5 feet

Mass: 90 tops.

Cargo Capacity: 10 tons.

Power Plant: Helium-3 Turbo Fusion Drive.

FTL Drive: NMD-183 LT KV Stardrive

Range: 14 light years or 29 days of consumables.

Market Cost: 450,000 credits.


Weapon System


1. Light Ion Turret: This is a low-output ion cannon meant to work as a deterrent to pirate attacks. In truth, the Nebula Racer’s speed is its best defense. This weapon is often replaced by something more potent by smugglers and corporations.

Primary Purpose: Defense.

Mega-Damage: 2D4x10 M.D.

Effective Range: 8 miles.

Rate of Fire: Four attacks per melee round.

Payload: Effectively unlimited.


Sensors: The Nebula Racer has standard short-range sensors with a 50,000-mile range and mass detectors with a range of 1 million miles.


Bonuses: +5% to starship piloting rolls, +2 to dodge.