The territory in Riftspace covers just a tiny fraction of the galaxy, but that little blot in the Orion Arm consists of thousands of star systems stretched across a vast arc of space. Within it are thousands of planets, spatial anomalies and special regions of note. Below are some of the most important and interesting worlds and regions.




Below, the planets of the galaxy are divided by government. Click on the links to take you to lists of individual worlds of interest.


The Terran Protectorate

This is the main government and territory ruled by humanity. It is divided into several sectors, each with a few core planets.


Primus (a.k.a. The Core Worlds)








The Free Colonies

A group of worlds that broke away from the Terran Protectorate, they consist mainly of human colonies, with a smattering of Xintrin, Mogg’Theran and other species living among them.


Niflheim-Lumilar Independent Economic Zone (a.k.a. The Gap)

A small, independent region between the Terran Protectorate and the Empire of Many Suns, it is a crossroads of trade and adventure although it is politically unimportant in the grand scheme of things.


The Arkhon Imperial Freehold

Almost nothing is known of these worlds except what was gleaned from the last war. Foreign ships are forbidden entry and trade is conducted at militarized space stations, allowing the Arkhon to totally control the flow of information to their populace.


The Empire of Many Suns

The former domain of the Mogg’Theran, this region has fallen into chaos as the major races once under the dominion of the Mogg’Theran battle for primacy through politics, trade, war, and control of the all-important Jump Gates.


The Xintrin Merchant Guild

Highly specialized worlds that try to make a name for themselves in a particular area of trade, the worlds of the Xintrin Merchant Guild are peaceful, and open to all…as long as you’re buying something.




Other Regions of Interest


The Orion Expanse

The Kalabar Ruins

Cooper’s Veil



A Map of Known Space

The position of the capitol worlds of each region are marked by a bright star the same color as the borders. There is no known capitol for Vorhasi Space, and no such thing applies to the Sea of Dead Stars. In addition, the borders for Vorhasi Space and the Sea of Dead Stars are just estimates.


Riftspace Map