Cooper Sector


The Cooper Sector is a sector under siege. On the border with the Arkhon, it was the first to feel the hammer of the newest Arkhon invasion into the Terran Protectorate. The fate of the Terran Protectorate, humanity and the balance of power in known space could hinge on what happens here.

The sector was established only about 15 years before the first war with the Arkhon, which started 65 years ago. As the two super powers grew towards one another, tension began over territory and settlement claims. Not only are there a significant number of habitable worlds in the sector, but it also has star systems rich with resources and planets. It is also in a highly strategic location, at the crossroads between the Empire of Many Suns, the Protectorate and the Arkhon Freehold, with the border to Vorhasi space nearby.

Before the first war, humanity’s control over the region did not extend quite to the nebula known as Cooper’s Veil. The Veil, and the star systems around it, were controlled by the Arkhon. But after the war, humanity found that they had expanded the sector by more than 50%, including the Veil and the former Arkhon and Rhtharian stronghold known as Volo.

It was at Volo where the last major engagement of the war was fought and the famous Black Angels task force destroyed the Volo anchorage, one of the Arkhon’s mighty motherships, and the Arkhon sector command in one fell swoop.

But since then, the ceded territory, which included Volo, the planet Atlatl and the Veil, have been problematic at best, and eventually, the territory became a powder keg that ignited the latest conflict.


Topography: Cooper Sector sits at the edge of the Protectorate, and is supposed to be the buffer zone between the two territories. It is a young sector, and lightly populated for the most part. Wider than it is thick, it borders the sectors of Juneau and Leo, and also borders the Empire of Many Suns and the Arkhon Imperial Freehold. Currently, Arkhon invasion forces control Volo, and it is believed that they may control Atlatl, but that planet has been cut off from communications since the start of hostilities. Whether the planet has been conquered, or if it is still contested, is unknown. The Arkhon have pushed virtually to the border of Juneau sector, and have a tentative hold on Venelia as well. It is clear that they will drive into Juneau if they are not stopped, and Arkhon scouts have been sighted and engaged in both Juneau and Leo sectors.


The most remarkable feature is, of course, Cooper’s Veil, a nebula that formed 292 years ago when a blue giant went nova. The nebula is still very hot, turbulent, and difficult to navigate. The planet Husk, once a major hidden Arkhon base, lies within the nebula.


Major Planets of Cooper Sector






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