The Niflheim-Lumilar Independent Economic Zone (the Gap)

Located in portion of the galaxy that sits between the Terran Protectorate, the Empire of Many Suns and the Free Colonies is an independent zone of space that contains several planets that have refused to become a part of any of the great empires. Known officially as the Niflheim-Lumilar Independent Economic Zone, due to a mutual cooperation agreement signed by the two most powerful planets, it is simply called the Gap by most spacers.

Due to its strategic location, the Gap has become an important trade region between the Empire of Many Suns and the Terran Protectorate. But for the most part, it is a desolate region with only a couple truly habitable worlds. However, if the Arkhon ever successfully move in against it, they could choke off a vital trade route for the Terran Protectorate.

For the most part, the Gap is controlled by the Niflheim Sovereignty and Lumilar Corporate Holdings, but perhaps the most vital location in the gap isnít a world at all, but a space station known as Donovanís Jump, which is a way station for trade between the Empire of Many Suns and the Terran Protectorate. Billions of credits worth of trade moves through the station on a daily basis.

Not only is the region an area of political intrigue, it is a hotbed of smuggling and contains mysterious ancient ruins.


Locations of Interest:

Donovanís Jump