System: Lumilus B

Sector: Niflheim-Lumilar Independent Economic Zone

Lumilar is a metropolitan planet that is the banking center of known space. Its native inhabitants, the Lumilari, have organized their government into one massive corporation; the Lumilari Corporate Holding.

There is no private business. Every business from a corner convenience store to a starship parts manufacturer is a subsidiary of Lumilari Corporate Holding and pays back a percentage of its revenue to the "parent company." Every Lumilari is either a corporate employee, or the very lucky (and rich) ones are shareholders, who try to live a life of luxury off the (extremely expensive, but profitable) dividends from their investments in their home world or its subsidiaries.

This set up has made the Lumilari merciless corporate sharks as a species, but it has provided them tremendous wealth. Even though their world is “up” off the galactic plane out of the shipping lanes near the border of the Free Colonies, it sees heavy traffic from nearby Einwold, Donovan’s Jump and Fahreen and Rhtharian-controlled worlds in the former Empire of Many Suns. It is a hotbed of corporate intrigue and a nexus of money and power.

Besides banking and financial institutions, the Lumilari also excel at genetics and all Lumilari genetically alter themselves to rid their bodies of genetic imperfections. This has gone on for several hundred years and most Lumilari are amazing physical specimens with an extended lifespan and free of disease.

The Lumilari are not expansion-minded and only control a half dozen planets, only two of which are habitable outside of their home world. Their power is all financial and they've maintained their independence by threatening financial ruin on any major power that tries to force them to do something they do not want to do.


Population: 3.4 billion, 95% Lumilari.

Controlling Species: Lumilari

Diameter: 7,021.5 miles (11,300 km)

Atmosphere: Earth-like, with slightly lower levels of nitrogen and a bit more oxygen. The weather is strictly controlled.

Average Temperature Range: 15°F – 90°F (-9°C – 32°C)

Gravity: .85 G

Calendar: 41 hours, 410 days a year

Satellites: Several space stations, but no natural moons

Defense Assets: The Lumilari maintain a powerful defense fleet about the size of one Terran Protectorate battle fleet. The ships are a wide variety of Terran, Xintrin and Fahreen designs. Lumilar also has an estimated 5,000 Starblade fighters in bases across its surface and in nearby star systems.


Typical Lumilari:

The Lumilari are a yellow-skinned, powerfully built people with glowing blue eyes and a pair of horns that curve downward. Despite their elongated snout-like faces, many humans find them highly attractive. They are genetically enhanced and free of imperfections, however all that genetic scrubbing has made them very homogenous and vulnerable to disease. This is one reason they maintain very good relations with Niflheim. That planet’s medical supplies are the main reason the Lumilari have avoided a devastating plague. Given their almost fanatical devotion to planet and Lumilari Corporate Holding, they are not recommended as a player character, but a few rogues have been known to exist and could be played.

Quickstats: I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 3D6, M.A. 4D6, P.S. 14+1D6, P.P. 10+2D6, P.E. 4D6+3, P.B. 3D6+6, Spd: 1D4x10+10.

Hit points: Standard, plus 2D6 per level. S.D.C.: +40 to O.C.C. Height: 5’10” to 6’2” tall. Weight: 140-200 lbs.

Natural abilities: Fatigue at half the rate of humans. Sleep only about four hours per day to be fully rested.

Vulnerabilities: -2 to save vs. diseases, poisons and toxins.

Magic and Psionics: None. The variable genes for these abilities were unknown and discarded as unnecessary. Lumilari only have 1D4 P.P.E.

Available O.C.C.s: Just about anything a human can take except psionic or magic based. Regardless of O.C.C. 99.5% of them are in the employ of their planetary company in some capacity.