Donovan’s Jump


System: Beta Lunaris

Sector:  Niflheim-Lumilar Independent Economic Zone


As far as planet’s go, Donovan’s Jump is fairly unremarkable except for a large quantity of heavy metals, most of which are common and can be found elsewhere. However, it has huge deposits of Helium-3 embedded in the upper layers of dirt and rock by the solar wind over billions of years. This, and its position between the growing Terran Protectorate and the fragmenting Empire of Many Suns, made it an ideal location for a fuel transfer station for shipping between the two galactic powers. But it is the massive space station in orbit above it that is perhaps the most important location in the Gap.

The resulting Sigma-4 Transfer Station was originally started as a Mogg’Theran project, but halfway through completion the Mogg’Theran home world was destroyed and the mix of Mogg’Theran, Terran and Lumilari crew and operators declared independence when the project was officially dropped by the Mogg’Theran.

The Sigma-4 Transfer Station at Donovan's Jump lies directly between territory claimed by the Terran Protectorate and the numerous breakaway systems of the former Empire of Many Suns. The station sits in the middle of a 90-light year gap between the closest habitable worlds between the two territories, and virtually all shipping between the former Empire and human controlled space puts in at this massive space station for resupply, repair and recreation. In many cases, ships simply rendezvous at the station and exchange their goods with domestic shipping companies, turning one long trip into two shorter ones, and allowing trade to move more rapidly.

The station houses 100,000 workers and visitors, hundreds of venues, and can dock 120 medium and light transports in internal bays and 24 large transports and warships in the externally slips.

It is said that the annual gross domestic product of a major planet passes through Donovan's Jump once every standard week. That and its neutral territory classification make it a hotbed of corporate intrigue, political maneuvering and smuggling and organized crime.

Now that the Arkhon have declared war on the Terran Protectorate, no one is sure if they will honor the neutrality of the station, and bringing in a Terran fleet to defend it may give the Arkhon the excuse to attack it. This has raised tensions in the station to an all-time high, for if the station is destroyed or seized, it would give the Arkhon a chokehold on the burgeoning interstellar economy.

Even knowing this, none of the major powers in the Empire of Many Suns will send ships to defend the station, because they don't want to accidentally become embroiled in what's expected to be a brutal conflict between the Terran Protectorate and the Arkhon.

Donovan’s Jump is an ideal location for independent spacers to find work. It is a Freelancer’s haven. Ships come and go from this station not only from the Terran Protectorate and the Empire of Many Suns, but from Niflheim, Lumilar, the Free Colonies and the Arkhon Freehold as well.

Population: 135,000 (100,000 on Sigma-4, and the rest working as miners on the planet)

Controlling Species: Council of Human, Mogg’Theran and Lumilari administrators.

Diameter: 4,300 miles (6,920 km).

Atmosphere: Very thin with a high amount of particulate matter. Pressure is okay and gravity is light, but rebreathers are needed by most species to get enough oxygen. There is also no water; it must all be shipped in.

Average Temperature Range: 40°F – 130°F (4°C – 54°C)

Gravity: 0.7G

Calendar: 102 hour day, 211 days in a year.

Satellites: The Sigma-4 Transfer Station (see below).

Defense Assets: The station maintains two wings of fighters, four patrol corvettes and has numerous weapon mounts. It also has an internal security force of 5,000 personnel. There are also a couple hundred private security workers on the planet employed at various mining operations.

Sigma-4 Transfer Station

Crew: 28,000

Visitors and Vendors: 75,000-90,000

Auxiliary Vehicles:

60 R-80 Starchaser fighters

12 Starblade fighters

6 L-750 Enforcer Light Patrol Ships

6 G-9 Atlas Container Ships

10 CI-6 Model M Tankers

130 Hopper shuttles

4 Ranger Defense Corvettes


Height: 4,354.5 ft (1,327 m)

Length: 7,560.5 ft (2,304.5 m)

Width: 7,560.5 ft (2,304.5 m)


External Starship Berths: 24

Internal Hangar Bays: 64 (16 per docking bay, each capable of holding one medium or two light freighters)

Shuttle/star fighter bays: 8



8 Heavy Quad Ion Cannons: 2D6x100 M.D., 2,000 mile range, 4 blasts per melee round each.

8 Intersystem Missile Launchers: 3D4x1,000 for each thermonuclear missile, range: 2 million miles, can be fired individually or in volleys of 2-20. Smart Missiles with +5 to strike, +3 to dodge and 4 attacks per melee (all used to dodge until the missile arrives at the target). Payload: 800 missiles total.

48 Point Defense Missile Launchers: 2D4x10 M.D. for each HEAT missile, 15 mile range, can be fired individually or in volleys of 2 or 4. Payload: 20 missiles for each launcher, plus a very large amount of reloads in storage, enough to reload each launcher 5 times.


Sensors: Gravity and EMF sensors blanket the entire star system, with relay satellites preventing planets or the sun from creating blind spots.


Amenities include a shipwright, starship modification services, restaurants, nightclubs, living accommodations, ambassadorial suites for all major races, shops, employment and recruiting offices, corporate offices for several major corporations, a quantum communication hub, casino, and two five-star hotels.