System: Xynobia

Sector: Niflheim-Lumilar Independent Economic Zone

Dor is a dry, harsh world on the border of the Gap and the Terran Protectorate. It was originally settled by a sister colony ship to the one that went on to found Niflheim, but its inhabitants were much less fortunate.

For reasons that are still unknown, the colonists, 50,000 strong, all appear to have gone “feral.” They threw off the trappings of civilization and turned into wild, often murderous savages. They lost much of their intellect and knowledge and are barely capable of communicating with others. No one is sure why this is, but some suspect it is due to ruins that dot the planet which once belonged to an alien race known as the Xynobians. They had a small interstellar empire about 300,000 years ago which eventually fell. The Xynobians are now believed to be extinct, but the dry desert air on Dor preserved some of their ruins. The wildlings, as the descendants of the original colonists are called, are usually found thickest in these ruins, which have gone unexamined for the last 200 years.

Some say that the wildlings simply gather at the ruins, which are usually buried mostly underground, out of instinct while seeking shelter and defensive positions. Others say that there’s something about the ruins that draws the wildlings to them. Some Nix who have been to the planet claim it has a strong network of ley lines, and that the Xynobian ruins are often built at nexus points.

Dor has a number of hostile alien species, some of which can be found on Rifts Earth, as it occasionally has rift activity. Most common will be griegleapers, Worms of Taut and Spiny Ravagers, but feel free to use anything that might inhabit a dry climate and is overall vicious and nasty. Many will be found in and around the Xynobian ruins, which can extend for miles in underground labyrinth.

In addition to the native dangers, Dor is a haven for smugglers, pirates and fugitives. There are a number of small colonies on the surface and on or in orbit around its three moons. Many are looking to get rich off of a Xynobian artifact or off the Nifacillian smuggling trade. Others just come here so they can avoid being found. Niflheim keeps a base on Dor to study the wildlings and to make sure criminal activities do not get out of hand. Otherwise they do not interfere with what happens on this lawless world.

The wildlings themselves are normal humans with an extremely high rate of psychic abilities. Most with psionic abilities are untrained major psionics (30%), with operators (10%) being the next most common, but they can be bursters (5%), mind melters (5%) or psi-stalkers (5%) as well. They have an average level of 1D4+1 and most of the non-psychic wildlings are completely insane, irrational and violent. Only the ones with psionics appear to have some grasp of sanity, though they are still plagued with mental instability and just as likely to kill you as talk to you. Wildlings use a hodgepodge of weapons and armor scavenged from downed ships, smuggler camps and attempted colonization efforts. Most will be dressed in armor with 1D6x10+10 M.D. that is not fully environmental (A.R. of 12+1D6).

Through means unknown, the Wildlings seem to be able to pass down the basic technical knowledge of the original colonists through a kind of genetic memory. Otherwise there is no formal education process. Wildlings can be Operators, any of the previously mentioned psychic classes, wilderness scouts or vagabonds. However they have no O.C.C. Related skills and any main skill that requires technical knowledge (like engineering or computer programming) is stuck at first level, regardless of the level of the Wildling. Wildlings are not mentally functional enough to learn new skills and should not be available as player characters.


Population: Unknown, no accurate count of the Wildlings has ever been taken. Believed to be anywhere from 150,000 to 2 million. Visitors, smugglers and would-be colonists give the planet another 20,000 to 100,000, and Fort Collins, the Niflheim Sovereignty base, has a population of 10,000.

Controlling Clan: None

Diameter: 9,625 miles (15,490 km)

Atmosphere: Earthlike, with slightly low oxygen levels (like being in the Himalayas) and virtually no water vapor, making the air dry and filled with static. Fierce lightning storms are common.

Average Temperature Range: 45°F – 152°F (7°C – 67°C)

Gravity: 1.2 G

Calendar: 19.5 hours per day, 275 days per year.

Satellites: Three small moons, known simply as Dor Alpha, Dor Beta and Dor Gamma.

Defense Assets: None, truly. At most Fort Collins will have a squadron or two of older fighters and a couple transports. Most of its assets are geared toward ground attacks from wildlings and includes a number of power armor, exoskeletons and hover combat craft.