Chromium avenger


One of the combat vehicles currently in service, this robot, for many years, was reserved especially for ace robot pilots and high-ranking officers. Its classic lines, laser-reflective armor, and stylized battle shield have inspired two generations of pilots and are iconic in Protectorate culture. A highly polished honor guard of Chromium Avengers even patrols the capitol district of Terra Prime, seat of the Protectorate government. The changing of the guard every four hours is a major tourist attraction.

Its reputation is well-earned. It was an exceptional combat vehicle in its day, and has the largest kill ratio (currently 11 to one) of any Protectorate combat vehicle. It has a powerful, and varied, arsenal of weapons, good maneuverability, and excellent armor. However, the units are expensive and due to be slowly phased out for a new officerís robot currently in development. It is unclear whether the war will stall or speed up these developments.

The Chromium Avenger is only available by special assignment, and is reserved for aces (10 kills) and highly successful robot company commanders. Generally, one Avenger will be in place at the head of a mechanized robot company, leading Trebuchets into battle. But there are also a few Special Forces platoons made up entirely of Avengers, regulated primarily to space duty that might require an anthropomorphic vehicle, as opposed to a star fighter.

But the Avenger was not created to fight the Arkhon. In fact, it was originally designed and deployed just in case the secession of the Free Colonies turned violent. When it became apparent that no conflict was likely, its designers repackaged and resold the idea to the Protectorate as an elite defensive fighting robot. Pilotís liked it so much that it became reserved for the best of the best.

Pilots like the Avenger because it is a pilotís robot. It was designed by a retired robot driver-turned-engineer who understood what robot combat pilots looked for in a vehicle. The cockpit is a seat suspended by shock-absorbing struts in an armored sphere, the interior of which is a screen that puts the pilot in a video globe, allowing him to look around in all directions, as if the robot did not exist. It has a potent combination of weapons, including its double-barreled particle beam rifle, medium-range missiles, mini-missiles, and head-mounted rail guns.

But in combat, it has only really been tested against pirates and raiders, and has not had extensive exposure to battling the Arkhon. Protectorate command worries that the laser-resistant armor will be useless when fighting the Arkhon, and that its weapons package will have limited use. Pilots within the Protectorate have lobbied for any new vehicle to be built with the same level of responsiveness and attention to detail as the Avenger, and have also asked for the option to keep their old vehicles. The new development program was too politically involved to heed their suggestions at first, but now that a major conflict has developed, more and more people are listening to the pilots.

Model: TP GBR-6

Class: Robot Combat Vehicle

Crew: 1

M.D.C. by Location

Shoulder medium-range missile launchers (2) Ė 150 each

Cheek-mounted light rail guns (2) Ė 40 each

Main rocket thrusters (2) Ė 150 each

Beam Rifle Ė 200

Arms (2) Ė 300 each

Legs (2) Ė 450 each

Shield -- 600

*Head -- 200

**Main Body Ė 950

Reinforced pilotís compartment Ė 300

*Destroying the head knocks out most of the sensors and targeting computer, but the radar and cameras still work, as they are not in the head. Pilot loses all targeting bonuses, but can still see and navigate. The head is a small, protected target, requiring a Called Shot with a -2 penalty to hit.

** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body shuts the robot down, making it useless. The reinforced pilotís compartment ejects as an armored escape pod with 72 hours worth of oxygen and a powerful locator beacon on a secured rescue channel. This has increased survivability greatly. However, this system has not been transferred to other Protectorate vehicles due to the increased space needed for the bulky cockpit/escape pod.


Maximum Running Speed: 70 m.p.h.

Maximum Atmospheric Flight Speed: Mach One

Maximum Space Flight Speed: 100,000 m.p.h.

Maximum Space Acceleration/Deceleration Rate: 5 Gs

Statistical Data

Height: 36 feet

Length: 13 feet

Width: 20 feet

Weight: 30 tons

Strength: Equal to a Robotic P.S. of 55

Cargo: None, except a small survival locker under the pilotís seat.

Power Plant: One .75 ounce anti-matter lozenge

Range: 72 hours of continuous operation before refueling is needed

Cost: Not available for sale


Weapon Systems


1. Double-barreled Particle Beam Rifle: This powerful rifle has a tremendous amount of stopping power. Even against cerasteel, which halves its damage, the weapon has proved very effective. The weapon taps directly into the armorís power supply and draws a significant amount of power. Prolonged combat in which this weapon is used heavily will reduce the armorís operational duration by 1/3, to 48 hours.

Primary Purpose: Assault.

Mega-Damage: Each barrel does 3D6x10 M.D. Dual blasts do 6D6x10 M.D. and take only one melee action/attack.

Effective Range: 1.5 miles in atmosphere, 5 miles in space.

Rate of fire: Equal to hand-to-hand attacks of the pilot

Bonuses: +2 to strike, in addition to standard robot combat and targeting system bonuses

Payload: Effectively unlimited.


2. Medium-range missile launchers (2): Located on the shoulders, these weapons give the armor long-range heavy striking distance and are used against distant targets and enemy starships and robot vehicles.

Primary Purpose: Anti-ship/Anti-Armor

Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type.

Effective Range: Varies with missile type

Rate of fire: Individually, or in volleys of 2, 3 or 6.

Payload: 6 in each launcher, for a total of 12.


3. Mini-missile launchers (2): Housed in the chest, these concealed weapons are used as defense against incoming missiles and for anti-personnel attacks.

Primary Purpose: Defense

Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type. Typically armor piercing missiles doing 1D6x10 M.D.

Effective Range: Varies; generally 1.5 miles in atmosphere and 3 miles in space.

Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 2, 5, or 10.

Payload: 20 missiles in each launcher, for a total of 40.


4. Light rail guns (2): A pair of light rail guns is housed between the head and the missile launchers. They are useful in close-quarters combat and against infantry. Generally considered back-up weapons.

Primary Purpose: Defense

Mega-Damage: A burst of 20 rounds does 1D4x10 M.D. from each gun. Firing both together does 2D4x10 M.D. Remember that these weapons do double-damage vs cerasteel armor. Only fire bursts. Dual bursts count as one melee attack

Effective Range: 4,000 feet in atmosphere, 8,000 feet in space.

Rate of Fire: Equal to the hand-to-hand attacks of the pilot.

Payload: 10,000 rounds for each gun, for 500 bursts per gun.


5. Hand-to-hand combat: Instead of ranged weapons, the pilot can choose to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Bonuses from Robot Combat Elite are unchanged with the additions noted below:

Punch: 4D6 M.D.

Tear/Pry: 3D6 M.D.

Kick: 6D6 M.D.

Body block/Ram: 3D6 M.D., plus knock down and loss of one attack and initiative

Shield Bash: 5D6 M.D.

The Chromium Avenger receives an additional +2 to dodge, +2 to parry without shield, +4 to parry with shield, +1 to initiative. These are in addition to Robot Combat Elite bonuses. Robot Combat basic is unavailable for use with the Guardsman; you have to be a specialist with special training to operate it.


6. Special Shield Bonus: The Avengerís shield gives the robotís pilot several advantages. First, it can be used to parry incoming energy attacks and missile attacks. It is -4 to parry energy attacks and ballistic projectiles, and -2 to parry missile attacks. There are no penalties for parrying physical attacks. Second, the Avengerís shield is large enough for it to hunker down behind it and use the shield as cover. When this is done, the Avenger can only peak out and use its head guns. However, all incoming attacks automatically are deflected by the shield, unless the enemy can flank the robot and attack it from the side. It is possible to shoot the robot from head-on, but it requires a called shot with a -6 penalty, and called shots to specific body parts are not possible. However, if the enemy makes a simultaneous attack while the Avenger is firing with its head guns, the head can be hit with the standard Called Shot attack at -2. Both the shield and the robotís armor takes half damage from lasers.