Casey Sparks 2

There are a number of groups, not beholden to any specific government, that wield a significant amount of influence in intergalactic affairs.


Guardsman Interstellar Security Service

This law enforcement agency keeps the peace in the space lanes of the Free Colonies


The Fist of Xin

This is a group of rogue Xintrin and human mages, who are plotting to one day rule the Xintrin Merchant Guild and the Free Colonies.


The Inquisition

The independent militia army formed by the fortress worlds known as the Colonies of the Line. They wage a holy crusade against alien invaders from beyond the Terminus Line, though their fanaticism may be just as big a threat to humanity.


The League of Silence

A criminal cartel based on space piracy


The Novaslayers

This ancient brotherhood has recruited powerful beings from a variety of races, and battles with the Starfarers constantly over Deep Time Artifacts and ancient galactic mysteries which may hold the key to wielding power over the entire galaxy.


PHERI (Pre-Human Extraterrestrial Research Institute)

This Order of Voltaire-run organization has become a power in its own right, and believes that humanity must possess and understand as many Deep Time Artifacts as possible in order to evolve and defend itself from known threats, and threats that can only be imagined. However, there is the risk that the ancient devices and knowledge PHERI has collected and seeks are too powerful for any one group to possess, and many fear this organization could become one that is amassing power for power’s sake.


The Starfarers

An ancient fraternity of powerful beings from various races, this group has been in a millennia-old struggle with the Novaslayers to recover Deep Time Artifacts of great power and to unravel the mysteries of the Orion Expanse and the disappearance of the ancient races of the galaxy.