The League of Silence


The most notorious criminal organization in human-controlled space is the League of Silence. Mainly focused on piracy aimed at interstellar shipping, the League is a dangerous, violent organization that has earned its name by its frequent assassination of witnesses, people willing to testify against its members in courts, and the steadfast loyalty of its members to refuse to acknowledge that the organization even exists.

The League of Silence has collected a small, but powerful fleet of starships. The most powerful, and most infamous of these ships have been given to the most successful pirate captains in the League's ranks. These Captains, known as The Nine, are more like commodores, often in command of several smaller pirate ships as well, though many prefer to operate alone.

Dismantling the League of Silence has become a top priority for the Guardsmen Interstellar Security Service, which fights interplanetary crime among the Free Colonies. It is also a major concern for the Magisterium, the law enforcement agency for the neighboring Terran Protectorate, whose magistrates have recently noted that the League seems to have ties in Protectorate space, which considers itself too civilized to have to deal with things such as space pirates and the like.

Some fear that the League is backed by an unknown agency, and seems to have goals far and above those of simply being successful pirates.


Base of Operations: Unknown, somewhere in the Free Colonies, likely near New Tortuga


Sphere of Influence: The Free Colonies primarily, with some dealings with the Empire of Many Suns, the Xintrin Merchant Guild and the Terran Protectorate.


Membership: Primarily human, with some Xintrin, Mogg’Theran and a smattering of other races. Total number is unknown, but no more than 20,000 actual members (though they use a large number of criminal resources who are not part of the organization).


Activities: Piracy, extortion, smuggling, slave trading and human trafficking.


Goals: Monetary enrichment is the goal of most lower-level members, what it’s leaders’ ultimate goals are is unknown.


Resources: A small fleet, equivalent to a heavy task force, rarely assembled in one place, illegal small arms and armor and an extensive criminal network. Rumor has it that the leader of the nine, known only as The Prince, has gained control of an alien cruiser with significant technology and armaments, but has not figured out how to control it sufficiently to trust it in combat. Most in the GISS dismiss this as a wild tale, however, and believe The Prince must have a modified ship of some kind, perhaps something from the Empire of Many Suns that the common thug wouldn’t readily identify.