Colonial Marine O.C.C.



The Terran Protectorate Colonial Marine Corps soldier is a tough, flexible, well-equipped infantryman who is just as at home fighting on a hostile alien world as he is fighting his way through the corridors of an enemy ship.

The term marine in this case is obviously a misnomer, and is more indicative of their ability to function in space as well as from the ground than any truly amphibious capabilities. But, in many ways, the traditions, attitude, and overall missions are the same as marines of militaries past. The only difference in this case is that the PCMC functions as both marines and regular army for the Protectorate.

All marines are specialists in one field or another, deployed in platoons with an emphasis on well-rounded skill sets between squadmates. Some are robot and power armor pilots, some are communications experts, some focus on infiltration techniques and intelligence gathering, and some focus on demolitions or piloting.

Each marine chooses an MOS shortly after finishing boot camp that becomes the primary focus of their training. This has led to very capable platoons that are able to adapt to most any situation.

Very rarely are marines used as “shock troops” meant to absorb heavy losses and fight entrenched battles. The Protectorate has almost totally done away with that philosophy of combat; although they have sometimes had to fall back on this type of combat when fighting defensive battles. Instead, the marine platoons operate more like Rangers or special forces units; staying mobile and quickly aiming to cripple enemy forces and destroy their ability to resist. Some say that this methodology will need to undergo some significant changes when, and if, the marines begin pushing into Arkhon territory and trying to occupy it. But those changes have not come yet.

The PCMC has a strong emphasis on camaraderie, and, unlike the fleet, Clan allegiances are much more likely to be left behind here. Those who are seen as favoring their Clan in detriment to the Corps are often ostracized.

While not having the glamour of the fleet and its fantastic space battles against the enemy, the marines are just as well respected, particularly by their Arkhon foes, who have learned that one underestimates a Terran Marine at his own peril.

Protectorate marines are also known, usually affectionately, as groundpounders, leathernecks (an old earth term) or “One-Eyed Jacks”, due to the black eye piece that covers one eye as part tactical head gear.


Protectorate Colonial Marine Corps Soldier Stats


Bonuses: +2 to save vs. Horror Factor, +2 to P.E., +M.E.

Alignment: Any

Attribute Requirements: P.E. of 12 or better. A high I.Q. and P.S. are recommended, but not required.

Starting S.D.C.: 1D4x10+20

Racial Restrictions: Terran

O.C.C. Skills

Read and Write Terran: 98%

Radio: Basic (+10%)

Wilderness Survival (+15%)

Computer Operation (+10%)

Forced March


Pilot Hovercraft (+10%)

Weapons Systems (+10%)

Basic Math (+15%)

W.P. Energy Pistol

W.P. Energy Rifle

W.P. Knife

Land Navigation (+4%)

Zero Gravity Movement and Combat

Choose one M.O.S. (see below)

Hand to hand: Expert can be changed to Martial Arts (or Assassin, if an evil alignment) for the cost of one O.C.C. Related Skill.


M.O.S. Skill Programs (Choose one)


Basic Electronics (+5%)

Detect Ambush (+10%)


Prowl (+15%)

Three espionage or military skills of choice (+15%)

Hand to hand: Commando


Communications Specialist

Choose three communications skills of choice (+15%)

Basic Electronics (+10%)

Computer Repair (+10%)

Read Sensory Equipment (+15%)

Intelligence (5%)


Heavy Weapons and Demolitions Expert

Demolitions and demolitions disposal (+15%)

Mechanical Engineering (+5%)

W.P. Heavy

W.P. Heavy Energy

NBC Warfare (+10%)

Field Armorer and Munitions Expert (+5%)


Intelligence Operative

Cryptography (+10%)

Undercover Ops (+10%)

Intelligence (+15%)

Four espionage or rogue skills of choice (+10%)


Robot and Power Armor Pilot

Pilot Robots and Power Armor (+10%)

Robot Combat: Elite: Trebuchet

Power Armor Combat Elite: Duelist

Read Sensory Equipment (+15%)

Math: Advanced (+10%)


O.C.C. Related Skills: Five other skills at level one, plus two skills at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12.

Communications: Any (+5%)

Cowboy: None

Domestic Any

Electrical: Basic Electronics only

Espionage: Detect Ambush, Sniper, Intelligence and Tracking only (except Commando or Intelligence Expert)

Horsemanship: General Only

Mechanical: Basic only

Medical: First Aid and Paramedic only

Military: Any (+5%)

Physical: Any (+10% where appropriate)

Pilot: Any, except Elite Combat skills (Robot and power armor pilots can pick Chromium Avenger Elite after 4th level)

Pilot Related: Any

Rogue: None

Science: None

Technical: Any

W.P. Ancient: Any

W.P. Modern: Any

Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Select six Secondary Skills at first level from the Secondary Skill List in the Skill Section of Rifts Ultimate Edition. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get any bonuses, other than any possible bonus for having a high I.Q. All Secondary Skills start at the base skill level.

Standard Equipment: Dress uniform, several sets of fatigues, one set of light marine combat armor and one set of heavy marine combat armor, pistol of choice, M-99 rocket carbine rifle, and 4 extra clips for each, vibro-knife, mini-computer, tactical datalink headset, 6 flares, 4 fragmentation grenades, 2 smoke grenades, battle harness, 1 week of rations, canteen, backpack, and personal possessions.

Special equipment available upon assignment: Any Protectorate rifle, pistol or heavy weapon, Duelist Marine Power Armor, Trebuchet or Chromium Avenger Robot Vehicle, extra grenades, explosives, extensive survival gear, extensive communications gear, could be assigned a Holstein Pinnace for special operations, and much more. All are subject to command approval.

Salary: Starts at the rank of private making 2,000 credits per month with all accommodations paid. NCOs make 3,500 a month and officers make 5,000 credits a month. Privates are barracked with the rest of their company on a marine base or onboard a carrier, in dorms for 10 on bases, and bunked in barracks with 40 other marines onboard a carrier or temporary garrison.

Cybernetics: None to start, generally prefer biosystems if needed. Cybernetics are not popular or wide-spread among the Protectorate.

Experience: Use the Merc Soldier experience chart in Rifts Ultimate Edition.