The Order of Voltaire


“You see, we and the Arkhon are both apex predators. We have an instinctive drive to dominate our surroundings. When two such species clash, that clash does not end until one or the other is purged from the environment. We are both still here, so there will be war again.” Dr. Hayden Lassiter, six months before the outbreak of the Second Human-Arkhon War.

The thinkers, philosophers, dreamers, and ultimately the teachers, were shunted early on into the crèche that later gave rise to the Order of Voltaire. While the Pyathenians focus on numbers and logic, the Order turns its eyes inward to the human spirit and mind, as well as the lost esoteric secrets of the cosmos. Members of the Order of Voltaire can range quite a bit in personality and goals, more so than usual for the clans, which are already diverse. Some are writers, political satirists, debaters and general philosophers who never leave the core worlds. Others are gun-toting adventurers who, often with the Hannu, explore the farthest reachable stars, excavating long-lost and abandoned ruins on a quest for “Deep Time” relics (alien artifacts which can be dated to being billions of years old). Some have begun to suspect that the Order is a much more powerful clan than anyone suspects, however, due to the large amount of knowledge they have collected throughout the years. Many in the clan believe they should push humanity toward Ascension…the attainment of a higher state of existence that they believe explains the disappearance of many older races.

They teach the children of the other clans, advise the high-ranking members of the Azure Sept on running the Protectorate, and spread new knowledge throughout the populace. They also seem to be developing deep ties with the ancient, powerful, multi-species organization known as the Starfarers.


Traits: Thoughtful, philosophical, and open-minded, but driven toward the attainment of knowledge.


Bonuses: All members of the Order of Voltaire receive one free technical skill at +10% and receive +5% on all technical and medical skills they may later choose. They also receive a +3 to save vs insanity and mind control.


Penalties: Tend toward physical frailty, and only roll a 1D4 for hit points per level. Also receive a -2 to save vs disease.


Affectations: robes, hooded garments, glasses (almost always cosmetic…corrective surgery is standard across the Protectorate) and scholarly apparel. Clan Color: Gray. Clan Symbol: A rod or staff with a snake curled around it.