System: Forsetti

Sector: Hyperion


Valhalla is one of the few major planets in the Hyperion sector which is not under the control of the Inquisition and not considered one of the Colonies of the Line. This is because it is positioned far away from the Terminus Line and much closer to the border of Primus sector. It therefore has much stronger cultural and political ties to the Core worlds.

Valhalla is the base of operations for mining projects within the Forsetti system, which has three massive asteroid fields in relatively settled orbits. In addition, the system has four large gas giants, three of which are sources of Helium-3, which gets processed and refined back on Valhalla.

The world itself is inhabitable on its surface, with a thin atmosphere that does not have enough pressure to sustain human life. It is very similar to Mars in most respects.

In addition to the Helium-3 processing facilities, Valhalla is a source of rhodium, thorium, lithium and silicate. These make the planet very valuable, but the fact that all of its colonies are subterranean makes it very unattractive to most settlers. Most people here work tours lasting three to five standard years, then they take their money and run. However about 20% become permanent residents for one reason or another. Most of those are non-miners who work either as merchants or provide other services to the mining industry and the ships that frequent the planet.

Relations with the Colonies of the Line are touchy. Valhalla fields massive orders for metals and construction materials for the Inquisition, which keeps the miners employed and well-paid. However, the planet's colonists fight to keep the Inquisition's ideas at arms length...preferably further away. Like most of the Terran Protectorate, they believe the threat from beyond the Terminus Line has been overhyped or simply fabricated as a political ploy.

The biggest problem facing Valhalla is smugglers and pirates. Those are very real threats that they can see, touch, and hopefully shoot down before they do too much harm.


Population: 19 million

Controlling Clan: Pyathenar Scholari and Azure Sept

Diameter: 6,590 miles (10,605 km)

Atmosphere: Thin, low pressure, uninhabitable.

Average Temperature Range: -40F 62F (-40C 17C)

Gravity: .88 G

Calendar: 19 hours per day, 522 days per year.

Satellites: Corvus, an unusually large moon for a planet this size, scientists estimate it will smash into Valhalla in about 25,000 years, destroying both. There are several fuel depots for freighters and a frontier station here as well.

Defense Assets: Valhalla has a number of frigates and corvettes, and is the sector command for the Terran Protectorate Steller Navy, meaning there is a small task force assigned to this world, about half of which is there at any given time. However, this task force has been stripped to the bare minimum as assets have been shifted to Cooper Sector for the war. Valhalla is also known for its Wolfhound tank regiments, the Valhalla 5th Skuld, 6th Hildr, and 7th Skogul regiments, known as the Valkyries. They are highly decorated hover tank units known for their courageousness, and maneuverability in battle.