New Skills


Here is a list of new skills specific to the Riftspace setting:




Radio: Quantum: Communications across great distances (light years) require quantum teleportation methods. When there are two identical quantum particles, one of the particles will react when the other is manipulated across any distance. This means that if you have a particle on one planet, and affect its polarity or charge, its twin will also be affected, irregardless of distance. This allows communication using binary (the basis of all computer technology) across any distance instantly. However, each set of quantum particles must be manufactured specifically for each point-to-point set up. What this means is that a quantum communication system generally only links to a handful of places, where twin particles have been delivered. They cannot be used to communicate with anyone else. This usually means that the ship will have one to several sets of quantum particles going to places of importance. For military ships, this may mean having a link to headquarters, to their home anchorage, and possibly a temporary set to the command ship of their fleet. Civilian ships may have a set to their home port or employer. Most planets in the Terran Protectorate and the Free Colonies have massive quantum communication centers with quantum links to all known human worlds. In fact, having such a facility is a prerequisite for a colony to join the Protectorate.

This means that if you can connect to a “hub” either directly or through another connection, you can send and receive to any commcenter under human control. However, if a crucial hub goes down, or is overloaded with traffic, you may not be able to connect to certain places. There are also generally fees with piggybacking through hubs, but only for non-military ships.

The mechanics are highly sophisticated and require some knowledge of computers and gravitic engineering. Prerequisites: Computer Repair and Gravitic Engineering. Base Skill: 30%+5% per level.


Languages: Speaking and reading is the same as before, except there are new languages to use. The following is a list of relevant languages in Riftspace: Terran (a mix of English, Spanish and Chinese…all three languages are still used as separate languages, as well as Japanese and Hindu), Xintari (language of the Xintrin), Nix, Mogtu (Mog’Therran language), Arkhon, Arkhon Galactic (an attempt by the Arkhon to develop and circulate an intergalactic trade language, like Esperanto…it was moderately successful and is found mostly among independent space-faring species), Berylic (the Berylan’s language…it is difficult for most to speak, -10% to speak languages skill…no one is known to be literate in it). There are three other languages known that are only available for literacy, known as Ancient One, Ancient Two and Ancient Three. Nobody knows what races they belonged to, as they appear to have been used by several ancient extinct species. They are closely associated with deep time artifacts, though Ancient Three appears to be only about two hundred million years old. The Vorhasi appear to speak a dialect of Ancient Three. Ancient One, the oldest, is almost exclusively found in the Orion Expanse, and is often associated with dark technologies and some of the more frightening species and worlds.




Computer Neural Networks: This is a computer skill that focuses on the advanced neural networks used by robots and artificial intelligences. Without it, one cannot repair or work on their higher functions. Prerequisites: Computer Repair and Computer Programming. Base Skill: 25% +5% per level.




Wilderness Survival (Space): This is the same as wilderness survival, but is focused on surviving in a vacuum. Those with this skill can double the time of exposure to vacuum before death (2 melee rounds as opposed to one), and have knowledge of dealing with radiation, treating decompression, escape pods, and know, essentially, what to do whenever a disaster strikes on a star ship. Can be learned as either an espionage or wilderness skill. Base Skill: 46%+4% per level.




Starship Mechanics (same as Phase World skill)


Gravitic Engineering: This is an important skill that imparts the ability to work with gravity manipulation technology, such as quantum communications, and Negative Mass Drives, as well as artificial gravity systems. You’re not considered a starship mechanic unless you have this skill. Prerequisites: Starship Mechanics. Base Skill: 35% + 5% per level.




Xenoparamedics: This gives a basic knowledge of the medical needs of most commonly encountered alien species. The user knows life-saving techniques and what their basic medical needs are, but cannot perform complex surgery and treatments. Prerequisite: Paramedics. Base Skill: 25% +5% per level.


Xenological Doctor: This allows full treatment of alien species, however, the user must select no more than two species covered by this skill other than their own (so a human with this skill may choose Xintrin and Nix). This skill may be selected multiple times, and works the same as the Medical Doctor skill. Prerequisite: Medical Doctor. Base Skill: 45%+5% per level.




Space War Tactics: This is identical to Naval Tactics in Rifts, but is specific for combat between space fleets.


Demolitions (Space): Demolition in space is VERY different from demolitions in atmosphere. It is useful in asteroid mining, as well as covert operations against space stations and other space-borne assets. Base skill: 60%+5% per level.




Zero-G skills are the same as in Phase World




Pilot Star fighter: Same as Phase World skill

Pilot Small Starship: Same as Phase World skill

Pilot Large Starship: Same as Phase World skill

EVA: Same as Phase World skill


Pilot Related


Navigation: Space: Same as Phase World Skill




Xenobiology: Same as Phase World Skill


Terra-Forming: The knowledge of how to turn an uninhabitable world into one fit for colonization by your species. It includes knowledge of climatology, planetology and geology into one discipline. Prerequisites: Advanced Math and Biology. Base Skill: 40% +5% per level.




Lore: Galactic: A basic knowledge of alien societies in the Orion’s Arm section of the Milky Way Galaxy. Base Skill: 25% +5% per level.


Law Galactic: Knowledge of the legal systems of most known species. The user gets an additional +20% whenever dealing with his own species’ legal system. Base Skill: 30%+5% per level.