The Sigmari


The Sigmari are a physically powerful race known for their brute strength and power on the battlefield, but this stereotype has blinded many species to the soulful, spiritual side of their race. Their reputation comes from their previous role as the shock troops of the Mogg’theran Empire of Many Suns. Since Mogg’theran rule collapsed, the Sigmari have been trying to rebrand themselves to the rest of the galaxy. Their lack of success has made them more and more insular over the years.


Home World


Sigmar, in the Ossango Star System. It is the third of 12 planets. The planet is a large world about twice the diameter of earth, dominated by grassy plains and plateaus. It is divided into a northern and southern hemisphere by a massive ocean that bands across the middle. The most startling feature is its one large moon, Kamar, which many know as simply The Shattered Moon. It appears some internal explosion blew a massive section out of the satellite, and it is trailed by a debris field of the larger pieces, which have become satellites of their own. The explosion was artificial, possibly caused by antimatter, and occurred more than 20 million years ago. Nothing else about the blast is known.


Sphere of Influence


The Sigmari control only two neighboring star systems in addition to their own. They appear to have no interest in ruling the Empire of Many Suns, or much of anything else for that matter. However, by concentrating their strength their star systems have become fortresses in space and most pirates fear to go there. The largest reason the Sigmari are considered influential is because they control one of the 10 Imperial jump gates. The gate and the relative safety the Sigmari provide merchant shipping has boosted trade and revenue for their people, but many still fear them and see them as a brutal, monstrous army. This viewpoint has limited the amount of influence the Sigmari can wield.




The Sigmari are a tribal race which has been united for the past 400 years into two great tribes; the Tribe of the North and the Tribe of the South. These two were at war for many years and almost exterminated each other before a lasting peace was made.

Elders and priests hold most of the power in Sigmari society, and there is very little in the way of rebellion or defiance against their rule. Sigmari also put a strong emphasis on older brothers and sisters, as well as parents and grandparents.

In the north, the Sigmari live in massive underground caves and tunnel systems. In most cases, these caves have an entrance that is partially flooded (often leading out to sea) in a massive grotto. Sigmari buildings hang from the ceiling as much as they reach up from the floor and their cities are frequented by tourists on a regular basis. Due to the intense gravity of the rest of the planet, visitors are restricted to areas (usually the main entrance cave) where atmosphere and gravity can be adjusted. Northern Sigmar is the most likely place for space travelers to visit. Southern Sigmari is rather xenophobic following the forced conscriptions by the Mogg’theran centuries ago.

In the south, the Sigmari tend to live nomadic lives on the grassy plateaus. They have technology, but blend it with ancient ways of living off the land. They are heavily shamanic, tend to turn away outsiders, and resent the connection with the rest of the galaxy fostered by their cousins to the north. Since the planet was unified, both North and South Sigmari priests and elders have met to determine the overall course of the planet. The very conservative southern Sigmari constantly try to pull the planet toward isolationism, and suspect that their northern counterparts are making deals and agreements with alien species that they know nothing about.

Sigmari keep an oral history through song, and are excellent communicators. There is a growing movement among the Sigmari that believes the species’ goal in the universe is to become a species of translators throughout known space helping each civilization deal with the others.

Despite all this, Sigmari are also brutal combatants who attack head on, do not mind absorbing casualties, and overwhelm their enemies with brute force and might. An angry Sigmari is frightening and often fatal to the being that angered them. There are a few Sigmari mercenary bands that still fight for whoever pays them, but for the most part the Sigmari are done being anybody’s strong man.

The Sigmari believe that they are transplants to their world from somewhere else and were created the way they are by an ancient race that died out or left this part of the galaxy long ago. There are sacred ruins on Sigmar that are at least millions of years old and were not made by the Sigmari. The Sigmari do not allow the sites to be disturbed, but observers who have looked at the ruins and the moon say the Sigmari may be right about their origins.

The Sigmari worship guardian ancestor spirits, Sigmari heroes of legend and their unknown creator. Finding the name of their creator (if there is one) has been a religious quest by Sigmari shamans for centuries. There are a growing number, mostly in the north, that worship the Vorhasi. Sigmari value honor and truthfulness, as well as strength and wisdom.




The Sigmari are large semi-aquatic reptilian humanoids with large curling horns on either side of their heads. They most closely resemble Earth turtles, but without the shells. Sigmari continue to grow with age, with young adults standing about seven feet tall, and elders topping 10 feet. Both males and females have incredibly powerful and muscular bodies which are at ease in twice the gravity of earth. The Sigmari are incredibly resilient and durable, beyond what one could expect from evolution. Some say this is additional evidence that they are an artificially engineered race. However, Sigmari are almost completely disabled in zero gravity.

The Sigmari have large horns filled with hollow cavities which give the Sigmari perfect pitch. All Sigmari are excellent singers.

Sigmari breed by laying eggs, with the female laying one egg at a time. The eggs are kept in a private chamber by the mother, who guards it with her life from the time it is laid until it hatches. The father provides food and additional protection as well. This is known as The Vigil. Eggs take about four earth months from laying to hatching. A Sigmari female will usually lay an egg soon after their previous child reaches maturity at age 30 and start laying at about 40-50 years old. Most lay about 4-8 in their lifetime, with eggs having a 90% rate of viability. Sigmari mate for life but quite often live away from their spouses for long periods of time, except during the Vigil. They live for about 300 earth years.

Sigmari also have an aptitude for magic and many become shamans. A growing number are being trained by the Nix to enhance their magical abilities.



The military force of the Sigmari is simply known as the Legions (or Sigmari Legions by aliens). Every Sigmari, male or female, must serve at least 10 years after reaching maturity at age 30 (by our years). This 10-year-period is considered between childhood and adult, and a Sigmari is not a full adult until he or she has done their time in the military OR have distinguished themselves in military conflict in less than 10 years. Many go on to serve another two decades, while others leave military service and start families and careers of their own.

The Legions work like shock troops and are most effective on the ground. They storm enemy positions and overrun their foes like a massive stampede. But the gravest mistake an enemy can make is to believe there is no strategy involved. The Legions’ movements are timed, coordinated and carefully planned.

In space, the Sigmari rely on their multi-purpose Mantreen-class transports, which function as gunships, troop carriers, patrol ships and bombers. Originally reliant upon the Mogg’theran or the jump gate for interstellar travel, these manta-ray shaped ships have incorporated Xintrin negative mass drives since the fall of Gargannau. The Sigmari have a few capital-class ships purchased from the Fahreen, but prefer to rely on the Mantreen, which is blessed through shamanic rituals.




Most modern technology on Sigmar is imported there from other races. When the Mogg’theran discovered them 600 years ago, they had begun to explore the outer edges of their solar system, but had not discovered faster-than-light-travel. They still do not create their own FTL drives, and buy them from the Xintrin.

Due to the intense gravity of their world and its effects on production and chemistry, the Sigmari are excellent structural engineers, capable of building structures that can endure incredible forces. Indeed, most of their buildings hang upside down from bedrock and support not only the weight of the buildings themselves (which are massive) but of hundreds or thousands of Sigmari in them as well.

The Sigmari are still struggling to make a name for themselves exporting something besides their military might, however, and building colonies and facilities in extreme conditions may be the answer.




The Sigmari export armor, composites, pre-fabricated structures and the Mantreen transport. They import gravity technology, negative mass drives and other advanced technology. Their planet is otherwise very self-sufficient.


Relationships with other governments


The Terran Protectorate: The Sigmari have had very limited contact with the Terran Protectorate, since their planets sit on the far side of the Empire of Many Suns away from the Protectorate. Most of their experience with humans has been with mercenaries, which are not the best examples of humanity. They know the humans defeated the Arkhon and have seen them fight, so they respect humans as warriors. Some humans from PHERI and other treasure hunters have enquired about ancient ruins on Sigmar, but those ruins are in the south and they have been denied access so far. The Terran Protectorate has no official contact.


The Arkhon Imperial Freehold Co-Prosperity Alliance: There is some limited commerce between the Arkhon and the Sigmari, and the Arkhon are very friendly toward them, but the Sigmari suspect that the Arkhon are no better than the Mogg’theran once were and wish to use them as cannon fodder. The Arkhon have lavished rogue Sigmari mercenary groups with money, overpaying them for simple assignments and treating them like kings. They then make sure those mercs take word of the “generous” treatment back to Sigmar. They are also attempting to develop close ties with some Northern Sigmar leaders.


The Xintrin Merchant Guild: These two species have long been fairly friendly. The Sigmari like that the Xintrin state their goals of making money openly and directly. The Xintrin sell the Sigmari FTL drives and gravity control equipment, and the Sigmari have constructed a few Xintrin mining facilities in extreme environments. Some very rich Xintrin have also taken to hiring Sigmari body guards. The Xintrin are concerned about the growing link with the Arkhon and are urging the Terran Protectorate to make contact and begin to foster a relationship before its too late. In the meantime, they try to educate the Sigmari about the dangers of the Arkhon. The Sigmari also are highly respectful of the Nix, and the Nix is the only species that frequently visits Southern Sigmar, where they exchange mystical knowledge with the more powerful shamans.


The Vorhasi: The Sigmari revere any ancient species and the Vorhasi are no different. Many thought the Sigmari would celebrate the destruction of the Mogg’theran home world by the Vorhasi, but instead they mourned for the death of a planet. They believe the Vorhasi had a reason to do what they did, but they take no joy in the destruction of an entire biosphere. As far as anyone knows, the Vorhasi and the Sigmari have never communicated.


The Empire of Many Suns: The Nation of Sigmar is a part of the former empire. They were once the shock troops of the Mogg’theran and the backbone of their ground military. They deal amicably with the other species, although many in the Empire fear them due to their previous role as the Mogg’theran enforcers. The Arnuban, Fahreen and Rhtharians would love to get the Sigmari as their own shock troopers, and tend to treat the Sigmari as dumb brutes. This, more than anything, has reinforced the hesitance among the Sigmari to interact with outsiders. The Sigmari surprisingly hold no grudge against individual Mogg’Theran, due to a Sigmari saying that “a father takes his sins to the grave” which means you should not blame someone’s descendents for their actions.


The Starfarers: The Sigmari are strongly represented in the Starfarers, particularly their shamans. They call the Starfarers the “Agents of the Ancients” and will always give a Starfarer their attention and respect.


The Novaslayers: Most Sigmari despise the Novaslayers, as they tend to be a very socialist and community-oriented society and the Novaslayers preach against that. However, they respect Novaslayer strength and the elders warn their youth not to antagonize them. There are quite a few Sigmari Novaslayers who were swayed during Mogg’theran rule. Almost all of them are warriors who gained prestige under the Mogg’theran for their ferocity and strength. Unfortunately they are beings of advanced age and great power, and occasionally sway a young warrior with potential to join their ranks.


The Sigmari

Optional Player Race

Alignment: Sigmari have a wide range of alignments, with the general populace geared toward Scrupulous and Unprincipled, similar to humanity.

Attributes: I.Q. 2D6+3, M.E. 3D6, M.A. 4D6, P.S. 3D6+20 (+1 per level), P.P. 3D6, P.E. 3D6+10, P.B. 2D6, Spd 5D6. Physical strength and endurance are supernatural.

M.D.C.: 2D6x10, plus 1D6 per level.

Height: Seven to 10 feet tall, reach about seven feet at maturity and grow about an inch per decade.

Weight: 450 to 900 lbs.

P.P.E.: 1D4x10.

Natural Abilities: Incredible endurance (fatigue at 1/4th the rate of humans), strength continues to grow as they age and they are capable of taking tremendous damage. They are semi-aquatic, able to hold their breath submerged for P.E.x2 in minutes and swim to depths of 1,000 feet in normal gravity (250 feet in their own world). All have Swimming at 88%. Bio-regeneration of 2D6 M.D.C. per hour. Cannot regenerate lost limbs, but can regrow digits (fingers and toes). Due to the hollow cavities in their horns working the same way musical instruments do, the Sigmari have developed perfect pitch and excellent singing abilities. All have the singing skill at +20%. Can Jump 60 feet horizontally or 30 feet vertically in Earth-like gravity.

Vulnerabilities: The Sigmari are almost useless in zero gravity unless they can cast magic. They lose all combat bonuses and are reduced to one attack/action per melee due to disorientation and discomfort. They cannot learn zero-g combat and maneuvering.

Magic: About 1 in 500 Sigmari have shamanic potential, but only half of them develop into full shamans. Same as the Mystic O.C.C. in Ultimate Edition Rifts.

Psionics: Only those who take the Mystic O.C.C. have psychic abilities.

Combat: All Sigmari have at least hand-to-hand: Expert, regardless of O.C.C.

Bonuses: +6 vs. horror factor, +20% to speak any alien language.

Damage: As per supernatural P.S., also have a charge attack that works the same as a power punch, but also has a 60% chance of knocking down anything their size or smaller, and a 30% chance of knocking down something up to three times their size and weight. Gore with horns does 3D6 M.D., Head butt does 1D4 M.D. Even a light slap from a Sigmari can turn an unprotected human to red paste.

Skills: See natural abilities, plus all Sigmari have the skills wilderness survival (+10%), W.P. blunt and W.P. pole arm.

O.C.Cs: Sigmari can take any Freelancer O.C.C., Close Combat Specialist, or Colonist (from the Phase World book), as well as the Rogue Scholar, Wilderness Scout and Vagabond O.C.C.s from the Rifts book. They can select the Mystic O.C.C. as well, but no other magic or psychic class is available. The most common O.C.C. for adventuring Sigmari will be the Hired Gun (storm trooper), Tracker (scout), Close Combat Specialist or Mystic O.C.C.