Scions of Tellus Mater


“If I may interrupt General…every action is like throwing a stone into a pond. We Scions like to know where every ripple is headed and how many grains of sand it will erode from distant shores. This push toward the edge of the Arkhon territories will have repercussions that you cannot yet imagine.” – Lady Ardalis, Master Shaper, in a televised debate on “Terra Tonight!” five years ago.

The Scions of Tellus Mater will be the first to tell you that they are the only reason mankind has been able to spread amongst the stars successfully. Getting there is one thing, a scion will tell you, but living on an alien world is when the real work begins. The Scions of Tellus Mater are both a blend of environmentalists, terraformers, geologists and biologists. They are responsible for shaping new worlds to allow mankind to survive there; without destroying the existing ecology. They see it as an art form; sculpting and painting with seed ship and atmospheric processing plants on the largest canvases ever known. One benefit of the teachings of the Scions is that the best of them are adept at taking the “long view” and able to see how the smallest ripple can affect a world, or a people, for generations to come. They are able to also process a massive amount of information, and keep it straight in their heads, allowing them to keep in mind the relationships between a thousand different species at the same time. The Scions have a heavy hand in the politics of the Protectorate, as it is they who truly control which worlds are ready for colonization and have a large say in setting population guidelines. They also reap massive profits from made-to-order terraforming operations, and are key advisors for planning planetary expeditions and even invasions of strange, alien worlds. Some would like the Scions to develop an ecological weapon that could be introduced to Arkhon core worlds covertly, destroying the empire from within, but this would be a terrible heresy for any Scion to undertake, and they have rejected this idea wholly.


Traits: Environmentalists, “big picture” thinkers, philosophers and pseudo-mystics.


Bonuses: All scions have the skills biology and xenology at +15%, regardless of O.C.C. They also have the psychic abilities Total Recall and Clairvoyance as natural abilities. They can use these abilities three times per 24 hours with no ISP cost. Do not show up as psychic powers, they are natural talents. The Clairvoyance is more the ability to project likely outcomes, as opposed to actually seeing the future. Receive a 5% bonus to all technical skills and science skills, receive an additional “other skill,” but must be from science and technical.


(OPTIONAL): With GM approval, a Scion can start with a pet mutant animal assistant. This can be created using either After the Bomb or other Palladium Books Mutant animal rules, or it can be a dog boy from Rifts Ultimate Edition, but without rolling on the mutant abnormality chart (use vagabond skill set, but with access to science skills at base percentage). These creations are a bit more limited in learning and development, and level at half the rate of their owner. They are intensely loyal and obedient, almost familiars. Skills should reflect that of lab assistants or body guards. Starts with clothing and basic equipment (no weapons or armor). Owner must provide them with anything else. Favorites include feline, canine, rodent and primate mutants. Skills should reflect that of a lab assistant or bodyguard. This is not available to anyone in a military profession. Owners are legally responsible for their actions and they have rights equivalent to those of juveniles.


Penalties: Scions can be slow to act, thinking everything through first. They are -2 to P.P. and initiative.


Affectations: Ornate gowns and robes, earth tones, and nature colors, hooded cloaks. Clan Colors are yellow, green and brown. Clan symbol is a budding twig.