The Pyathenar Scholari


“Someone once asked me what, exactly, I had learned when I discovered the eight millionth digit of pi. I told him that I learned that there were at least eight million and one.” Ulysses the Lesser, theoretical mathematician.



This Crèche Clan has focused its endeavors on mathematics and logic. It is from the Pyathenians that virtually all the advancements in FTL drive, and space travel in general, have been developed. Pyathenians, in general, view everything from a logical standpoint, and believe that the Unified Theory is the foundation from which all other knowledge flows. This clan’s members make up the core of the Protectorate’s scientists, and are also excellent strategists, even though their odds of victory and defeat are often thrown off by human (or alien) will or determination. They are convinced, however, that there is a mathematical formula to determine these variables as well. They just haven’t figured them out…yet.


Traits: Logical, cool and often aloof. Sometimes arrogant or anti-social.


Bonuses: +10% to all science skills and automatically receive Math Advanced at +20%. +1D4 to I.Q. All Pyathenians play the Protectorate stock market and most do very well. Starts with an additional 1D6x10,000 credits and receives an additional 1D4x1,000 credits per month from investments.


Penalties: Due to an early plague that swept through the Pyathenar’s originating crèche twice in the early days of the first colonies, all Pyathenar have a damaged genetic trait that results in facial scarring (-1D4 to P.B.). Despite the Protectorate’s advanced gene treatments and knowledge, no one can seem to get rid of this trait, which only shows itself in the genetic lines of the Scholari.  They are also -10% on all social skills, such as seduction, interrogation and public-speaking, etc. Most Pyathenians refuse to get cosmetic surgery to cover their facial scars or defects. Some accentuate them with tattoos or make-up.


Affectations: Lab coats, utilitarian clothing. Clan colors are white and black. The Clan symbol is an owl in front of an abacus.