The Proletarans


“Never forget that, at the end of the day, the only things you can trust to be done right are the things you have done with your own two hands.” – Unknown Proletaran father, speaking to his son.



A society is nothing if there is no one to build its buildings, sew its fields and pay its taxes. The Proletarans do just that, and could be described, in a way, as a clan of laborers or even peasants. But the Proletarans do not regret this viewpoint; they celebrate it. Proletarans believe, in general, that all good comes from hard work and personal investment in the future. Even a Proletaran thief, it is said, works very hard to steal from you. They are a hearty breed and the most numerous clan in the Protectorate. They are the core of the Protectorates laborers, colonists and are a large part of the military; especially the marines. Despite the fact that they often have little to do with politics beyond a local level, every clan must curry their favor if it wishes to win elections and pass laws and ordinances. Some, like the Yoarashi in general, look on them as little more than a peasant class. Many Davinchians see them as gullible sheep. But the Hedonis see them as people who have found serenity in their work, and much of the Scions’ great plans would come to naught if there were no Proletarans to plant the seeds and build the dams. Not that the opinions of the other clans matter that much to the average Proletaran. Tomorrow will come, and they’ll all need new houses, new ships and something on their plates besides gilding. And the Proletarans will provide, as they always have.


Traits: Hard-working, strong, honest, easy going.


Bonuses: +1D6 to P.S., +2 to P.E. and +1D4x10 S.D.C. Often described as “corn fed.”


Penalties: -2 to I.Q. and -5% to Espionage and Rogue skills.