Other O.C.C.s for Riftspace.


The following O.C.C.s from Rifts are common in Riftspace. Just remember to add the following “everyman skills” (all Riftspace characters should have these skills to start):


Speak and Read Native Language:  98%

Computer Operation (+5%)

Math: Basic (+10%)

From Rifts Ultimate Edition


Merc Soldier

Robot Pilot

Body Fixer

City Rat


Rogue Scholar

Rogue Scientist


Wilderness Scout

Burster (extremely rare)

Mind Melter (extremely rare)


From Rifts Dimension Book Two: Phase World


Galactic Tracer

Space Pirate



TVIA Inspector (known as a Magistrate in the Protectorate, they operate as a blend of customs agent and sky marshal, but in this case space marshal)


The following O.C.C.s can be used as Terran Protectorate military classes:


CAF Scientist (Stellar Navy Science Officer)

Imperial Security Agent (Protectorate Intelligence Agent)


There are no juicers or crazies in Riftspace, nor are there cyberknights or most magic classes (only the Nix…and in very rare cases, the Xintrin, use magic). Other classes can be transported over with ease, especially those from Phase World, those that deal with high technology and most of the classes from Rifts Mercenaries. The Psi-Warrior, Psi-Druid, Zapper and Psi-Mechanic can also be easily converted from Psyscape, but such characters’ powers are considered extreme examples of psychic abilities. Just remember that psionics are about half as common as they are on Rifts Earth, and there is little to no magic among humans. And, hey, if that doesn’t work for the campaign you’re running, change it and make magic and psionics as common as you’d like.