Guardsman Operative



The Operatives are the quintessential Guardsmen, and the backbone of the Guardsman Interplanetary Security Service (GISS). Given extraordinary police powers, they hunt down fugitives, solve crimes, hunt pirates and smugglers, and generally maintain order across the Free Colonies.

Operatives are a blend of detective and bounty hunter. They have intensive training that bares as much resemblance to a Special Forces commando as it does to a law enforcement officer. They rely on these skills, as well as cutting edge equipment and a network of informants to apprehend the most dangerous suspects in the Free Colonies.

Based out of GISS headquarters on Heimdall Station over Bifrost, Operatives can be found throughout the colonies and in some cases in the Protectorate, Xintrin Merchant Guild and even the Orion Expanse. Often, they are undercover, as not everyone throughout frontier space appreciates the work the Guardsmen do.

Operatives walk a fine line of justice. They must constantly push the edge of their mandate in order to catch some of the most dangerous individuals in known space. But they must always remember their limits and the limits of the GISS charter with the Free Colonies, or risk being expelled from the Guardsmen and being permanently disgraced.


Special Abilities


The Operatives don’t have special physical powers, beyond their intensive training, but the GISS charter and their status as operatives gives them special authorities and influence.


1. Class 2 Weapons Permit: Operatives are assigned a weapons permit that allows them to use and purchase surplus military weapons and armor, and the ability to arm their ships beyond the legal limit set for privately owned spacecraft. Many operatives who leave the GISS are allowed to retain this permit, and go into business for themselves as armed couriers, private detectives, etc.


2. Bonded Interplanetary Law License: Each Operative has the right to arrest subjects in the process of a crime without a warrant, apprehend wanted fugitives, seize contraband and stolen merchandise, and exert their jurisdiction at any crime scene where it is demonstrable that a crime of interplanetary nature has occurred. They can also use deadly force against suspects violently resisting arrest and against those in the process of a crime who fail to heed to the Operative’s authority. Of all their powers, the GISS keeps an eye most on this one. Operatives must be able to back up arrests and actions with evidence or risk being accused of abusing their powers and being expelled.


3. Informants: There is a 30% chance at any time of finding a known GISS informant on any of the six major Free Colonies worlds. This chance drops to 10% when on one of the numerous other minor colonies and outposts. Informants of this nature are likely to have some basic information on the case being undertaken by the Operative, enough to put them on the right track perhaps, but not much more. Furthermore, informants vary in how cooperative they are. Some will require bribes or help or favors, and the more dangerous the suspect being pursued, the more the informant will want for getting involved.


4. Bonuses: Operatives receive the following bonuses: +2 to M.A., +2 to save vs horror factor, +1D4 to all perception rolls, and a +1 to aimed shots with all firearms at levels 1, 4, 7, 11 and 14.


Guardsman Operative O.C.C. Stats


Alignment: Any, though the majority are Principled (35%) or Scrupulous (50%), any evil Operatives are likely to be Aberrant, able to keep just within the boundaries of the Charter while enforcing their own twisted code of justice.

Attribute Requirements: An I.Q., M.A. and a P.E. of 12 or better are required.

Race: Humans only, though the GISS would not turn down an alien applicant, none have ever applied.

O.C.C. Skills

Speak and Read Native Language: 98%

Basic Math (+15%)

Radio: Basic (+10%)

Read Sensory Equipment (+5%)

Surveillance (+15%)

Interrogation (+10%)

Undercover Ops (+10%)

Crime Scene Investigation (+20%)

Find Contraband (+14%)

Kick Boxing

Pilot Small Spaceships (+5%)

Navigation: Space (+10%)

Weapon Systems (+5%)

Prowl (+15%)

Streetwise (+16%)

Law (+15%)

W.P. Energy Pistol

W.P. Energy Rifle

One W.P. of choice

Hand to hand: Martial Arts

O.C.C. Related Skills: Eight other skills at level one, plus two additional skills at levels 3, 7, 10, and 13.

Communications: Any (+5%)

Cowboy: Any

Domestic Skills: Any

Electrical Skills: Basic electronics only

Espionage Skills: Any (+10%)

Horsemanship Skills: Any

Mechanical Skills: Basic and Locksmith only

Medical Skills: Any

Military Skills: Demolitions Disposal and Recognize Weapon Quality only (+5%)

Physical Skills: Any (+10% where applicable)

Pilot Skills: Any except elite fighter and robot combat (+5%)

Pilot Related: Any

Rogue Skills: Any (+10%)

Science: Advanced Math only

Technical: Any (+5%)

Weapon Proficiency: Any

Wilderness Skills: Any

Secondary Skills: Select six secondary skills at first level from the Secondary Skill Section of Rifts Ultimate Edition. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get any bonus other than any possible bonus from a high I.Q. All secondary skills start at the base skill level.

Standard Equipment: A set of Unimesh body armor with the Guardsman Combat add-on, an armored duster (20 M.D.C., A.R. 14), Guardsman HUD sunglasses, a Double-Jeopardy pistol, a Holmstead Combat Rifle, four additional clips for each, two additional weapons of choice, wrist computer with radio transceiver, portable forensics and evidence collection kit, several sets of traveling clothes, laser distancer, badge, survival kit, survival knife, saddlebags, six sets of  electro-magnetic field restraints (20 M.D.C., able to hold up to a supernatural P.S. of 30), and some personal belongings.

Vehicle: All solo operatives will be assigned a small stock transport vessel, usually the L-750 Light Patrol Ship, but may also be assigned a KV-19 Nebula Racer or other light Transport if focused on more undercover operations. All assigned ships are the property of the GISS.

Special Equipment Available Upon Assignment: If an Operative makes a strong enough case, he can request almost anything in the GISS arsenal, up to and including the use of a heavy task force (Stalwart Heavy Cruiser, two Accipiter-Class Patrol Frigates and two Holstein Pinnaces…and not under his direct command), to destroy positively identified pirate bases and other major threats. Of course, the Operative MUST be able to prove the necessity of his or her requisitions, and may be turned down due to lack of supplies, inconclusive evidence, or a bad risk assessment of the situation (i.e., commanders determine its not worth the effort and risk). The experience of the Operative will also play a big factor. A new operative requesting a task force will be ignored unless there’s extremely compelling evidence, while an experienced operative with a good reputation can get a lot of stuff without even needing to justify it.

Housing: Most Operatives have a decent-sized apartment or small home in or near Valhalla City on Bifrost.

Pay: Operatives start with a base pay of 4,000 credits per month. A starting character will have 2D4x1,000 in savings.

Cybernetics: None to start, though there are a growing number of agents who are showing an interest in cybernetic enhancements for vision, hearing and the like. They must get such enhancements outside of the GISS, however.

Experience: Use the Combat Cyborg, Headhunter and Robot Pilot experience chart on page 295 of Rifts Ultimate Edition.