Clan Hedonis


“When the Yoarashi make ace, they celebrate in our arms. When a Proletaran teen reaches adulthood, hiring one of our order is a tradition set in stone. We do not bring joy to the Protectorate. We ARE the joy of the Protectorate.  We ensure that life is not just lived, but enjoyed. But, you cannot bring joy to others if you cannot bring joy to yourself. That is the focus of today’s lecture. Now, if you would all kindly undress, we shall begin the lesson…” Professora Isabella Reece, Sensate Instructor at the House of Falling Stars.


It was very important to the original Terra colonists that, in their rush to colonize and survive, the arts were not lost. The ship had a full library of famous literature, music and visual works of art from earth, and it was deemed that an entire crèche was needed to insure that the arts flourished across the new worlds of mankind. The members of Clan Hedonis are the result, mixing craftsmanship, aesthetics and the pursuit of pleasure and, above all, serenity. It is from Clan Hedonis that the Sensates spring, with 80% of all Sensates being Clan Hedonis members. Many scoff at the clan as one that is continually in the pursuit of decadent pleasure, above all things, but this is a myth. The quest for total serenity and aesthetic beauty has not only led members of Clan Hedonis to be excellent artists and entertainers, but they form the core of the Protectorate’s psychologists as well; using their gifts to bring peace to troubled minds and spirits. These counselors, usually empaths, are known as the Solari (which means “to soothe” in Latin). In addition, Clan Hedonis is rumored to have its own private assassin’s guild called House Belladonna. The members of this mythical (but possibly real) assassin’s guild are said to believe their prey should die in peace and serenity, and that the planning and execution of such assassinations should be things of beauty. Tend to avoid studies, and people, that deal with cold, hard logic.


Traits: Sensualists, sympathetic to the plights of others, highly concerned with aesthetic beauty and symmetry in all things, unrestrained in expressions of passion and attraction.


Bonuses: +10% to all domestic skills and automatically get the skill Seduction at +10% (or add 10% to the skill if their OCC provides it). Also receive a +1D6 to P.B. and a +2 to all perception rolls. 20% of all members are minor sensitive psionics, and 5% are major psionics. 1 in every 10,000 has master psionic abilities. Most of these become Solari Empaths.


Penalties: -2 to all saving throws vs. Horror Factor and psychic attack, -10% to all science and military skills. In addition, some clans refuse to think of them as more than “eye candy” or “pleasure seekers” and have trouble taking them seriously.


Affectations: Revealing clothing, make-up, works of art, high fashion and capes. Clan colors are scarlet and black. Clan symbol is a golden lyre.