Clan Hannu


“I find that I am happiest with a new colony at my stern and the unknown off my bow.” – The Positives of a Life in Negative Mass: The Collected Poems of Arlene Hammerli


Of all the Clans, those born of Hannu long most to explore the depths of space. Members of the Hannu Clan are often great explorers, expanding the boundaries of the Protectorate. They have a high aptitude for mathematics, decryption and navigation. They are often found working as navigators, pilots, and show an excellent aptitude at intelligence analysis. Clan Hannu is one of the least politically active clans, primarily concerned with prestige through discovery as individuals. However, they are still very loyal and powerful, and hold great influence over the outer colonies and several leading exploration ventures.


Traits: Curious, explorers; often struck with wanderlust.


Bonuses: +5% to languages, communications skills, math skills, and any navigation skills. +2 to M.E. and +1D4 to save vs. Horror Factor.


Penalties: -3 to P.S.; Clan Hannu’s ancestors spent so long in space that their ancestors’ muscles are permanently atrophied to some degree.


Affectation: Spacer gear (even when not necessary). Clan colors are silver, blue and black. Clan symbol is an Egyptian galley in front of a crescent moon and the Orion constellation.