A note on currency: There are a number of different currencies in use in known space. In human territories, including the Terran Protectorate and the Free Colonies, the credit is used, and prices on the gear below is all set in credits (C). The credit is also becoming a universal coin in the old Empire of Many Suns, since the fall of the Imperial Crown (IC) following the collapse of the Empire. The Crown (worth about half a credit) is still heavily used by the Sigmari and the Arnuban. The Fahreen, the economic power in the Empire of Many Suns, uses the credit (mainly due to their close proximity to the Free Colonies and the Protectorate). The Rhtharians have their own currency, the dagani chit, and also use the FPU (see below). Due to their falling status in the war with the Arnuban, the chit is only worth about 0.1 credit.

The Arkhon use the Freehold Purchasing Unit (FPU) as their main currency. It is currently worth about 1.5 credits per FPU. Some believe its value to be inflated, however.

The Xintrin use the Xinís Mark (XM) and it is the most valued currency, at 2 XM per credit. However, it is generally only used in dealing with the Xintrin and rarely seen outside of their territory. This is because Xintrin merchants tend to deal in whatever form of currency is prevalent in the places they are going to sell their wares.



Melee Weapons






Special Equipment


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Note: Unlike the ships and aliens, I did not design the visual look of this gear. They are CG models purchased from dealers on Xurge3d.com, Renderosity.com and Daz3d.com and used under free-use licenses.