The Davinchians


“So I told him what he was saying was a total straw man. I mean, how can you equate free license agreements with interplanetary patent protection? Besides, that totally had nothing to do with whether we should take in alien refugees from the Arkhon expansion. Eventually I got fed up, hacked his server, and replaced his porn library with my Hank Williams collection.” – Anonymous forum message from the Uni-Net.


Not what one first expects when one envisions a clan devoted to engineering and technology, the Davinchians are highly passionate about their work, and life in general. They are technophiles, and quite often anarchists as well, having little care for government and politics, and more concerned about building new devices to make life easier, or what the hottest new microcomputer’s capabilities are. Most current ship designs are the work of the Davinchian engineers, who pool their knowledge on what is known as the Uni-net; an interplanetary internet just for clan members. One of its functions is its ability to pool different developments and different technologies into one place, and bring attention to new breakthroughs that might be otherwise missed that could help new engineers. Whenever a Davinchian has access to the Uni-net, they receive a +5% to all mechanical, engineering and research rolls. The Uni-net is also used to make clan decisions, which are generally arrived at by heated arguments and debates on various political forums.

The Davinchians, as a political entity, will generally work toward whatever results in fewer restrictions on freedoms by the government and will increase the sharing of knowledge throughout the Protectorate. They are also strong allies of Clan Hedonis, whose sensates probably receive about 15% of all Davinchian revenue. They are the most intermarried of the clans. In fact, the Crossbow Space Superiority Fighter was designed by a married couple of a male Hedonite and female Davinchian.

Interestingly, Clan Hedonis members are often the ones pining for, or pursuing, Davinchians, and are generally the ones who instigate a relationship. Some believe this is because Davinchians are very centered and happy with themselves, a very desirable trait to Hedonites. Others think the Hedonites are just being contrary.


Traits: Rebellious to authority, obsessed with technology, anarchists in the traditional sense (though most are scrupulous or unprincipled in alignment).


Bonuses: Start with Computer Programming and Computer Operation at +15%. Receive a +5% to all electrical and mechanical skills, and are able to pick them as an “other” skill, regardless of O.C.C. +2 to I.Q., and +2 to initiative; they tend to be quick toward acting and mentally fast on their feet.


Penalties: -1D4 to P.E. and -5% to all physical skills (where applicable). Tend to be very thin or a bit overweight, as physical fitness is not a big priority.


Affectations: Techno-gear, visors, anything that looks “techy” and shiny, unnatural hair colors. The Davinchians refuse to have a clan symbol or clan colors.