System: Thrudvang

Sector: Rimward Expansion Zone (a.k.a. The Free Colonies)


Bifrost is the de facto capitol world of the Free Colonies. De facto, because the Free Colonies, by definition, have no capitol. However, interplanetary commerce for the sector is directly controlled by interests on Bifrost, and the planet has the largest military, the most subsidiary colonies and the farthest political reach. It is also the most closely tied to the Terran Protectorate. So while not the capitol in name, it is in practice. Except for New Tortuga, and possibly Einwold, the Free Colonies just accept this as a fact of life.

Bifrost’s strength lies mainly in bureaucracy and infrastructure. It sits directly along the trade route from the Xintrin Merchant Guild and the Terran Protectorate, and is also a handy stopping point for some interests from within the former Empire of Many Suns. Additionally, expeditions to the mostly unexplored sector between the Free Colonies and the Terminus Line find Bifrost to be a good place to gear up for the long haul. Bifrost also has the headquarters for the Free Colonies Trade Authority, which issues trading contracts, sets tariffs and customs taxes, and authorizes ship licensing and arms permits. In orbit, Heimdall station is the home base for the Guardsman Interstellar Security Service.

Bifrost was the first earthlike planet discovered by famed Hannu explorer Aksel Vosson. For some reason, Vosson very specifically named certain planets throughout the sector after key places from Norse mythology. It seemed to be a very specific thing, and for two centuries people have tried to place meaning on his actions and unravel “Vosson’s Naming Game.” Some think that it was some kind of warning for the future, or the key to a great mystery. No one is certain, and Vosson set out to cross the Orion Expanse nearly 180 years ago, and has not been seen since.

Bifrost is a mostly cold world with a 30 degrees wide temperate band around its equator. While the habitable band has human-habitable temperatures, air and water, it is barren and virtually lifeless except for what humans have brought with them. There are rare species out beyond the heavily populated habitable band, some of them dangerous, but it is believed Bifrost failed as a life-bearing planet, and was doomed to become a dead world in a few millennia.

Bifrost’s capitol city is Valhalla, which sports a bustling star port and sprawling industrial sector, as well as the bureaucracy for much of the Free Colonies. There are a number of large cities across the surface of the planet, almost all of them built on or near the equator. Bifrost is one of the most heavily populated planets under human control, especially for a world outside of Primus Sector.

Bifrost tries to be “cosmopolitan” and keep up with the latest trends and technologies. It does not want to be seen as a “border” or “Frontier” planet, but rather as a central trading world capable of holding its own. In many ways it is both at the same time.

Bifrost recently had a brief war with New Tortuga, which ended in a draw…but most people consider it a loss for Bifrost. Tired of the rampant piracy and illegal activity, Bifrost sent a fleet of warships to blockade New Tortuga and instill order, since they apparently won’t do so themselves. But not only did they face New Tortuga’s defense fleet, but in a pitched battle they were attacked on their flank by a fleet made up of pirate, mercenary and smuggler vessels. Though there were few warships in this impromptu fleet, their captains tended to have more combat experience than Bifrost’s well-trained, but green, officer corps, and they were able to turn the battle into a disorganized brawl, which played to the pirate’s favor. Bifrost’s fleet did significant damage to both forces, but in the end they had to withdraw, claiming they had done enough damage to the gathered pirate forces to significantly reduce piracy for some time. The GISS has seen no drop in piracy.

Bifrost controls the Aesir Anchorage, located in orbit around a moon of the gas giant Aesir, the next planet out from Bifrost in the Thrudvang system. The Anchorage guards over the Aesir shipyard, the largest shipyard in the Free Colonies. It also controls at least a dozen smaller colonies with populations of 3 million or less.


Population: 500 million

Controlling Clans: Pyathenar Scholari and Scions of Tellus Mater

Diameter: 6,550 miles

Atmosphere: Earthlike, slightly high oxygen content and less nitrogen.

Average Temperature Range: -25°F – 55°F (-31°C – 13°C)

Gravity: 1.12 G

Calender: Bifrost has a 19-hour rotation with a 610-day year. It has almost no axial tilt, and no seasonal variation.

Satellites: Balder, a small moon about 230,000 miles from Bifrost. It also has Heimdall Station, a large Frontier-class space station that is headquarters to the GISS.

Defense Assets: Bifrost controls a sizable fleet of warships that includes six Stalwart Heavy Cruisers, three light carriers, more than two dozen Ranger Defense Corvettes, and at least 50 Holstein pinnaces. These assets are generally spread out across the Free Colonies, especially at colonies Bifrost controls. Only one-third to half are in the Thrudvang system at any time. In addition, there are at least two GISS Stalwarts, 2D4 Accipiter Patrol Frigates and a number of pinnaces and law enforcement vessels at or around Heimdall Station at any time. Bifrost, Heimdall Station and the Aesir Anchorage can field hundreds of star fighters as well. Bifrost is the best-defended star system in the Free Colonies.