Bio-Infiltrator Units


First rumored to have appeared about 40 years ago, the existence of these mysterious ship-stealing maidens has only been recently confirmed. Nobody knows exactly where they come from, who they are, or whom they work for. In fact, there is a lot of debate regarding exactly what they are.

What is known is that for two generations, explorers and traders who operated close to the Terminus Line have traded stories and legends of the bio-infiltrator units, which sneak aboard starships, hack their computer and navigation systems and hijack the ships into the Sea of Dead Stars, from which travelers seldom return. Most encounters were reported by crews that were lucky enough not to be in cryosleep for a long cruise and were able either to abandon ship or kill the would-be hijacker. It is suspected that a number of ships were stolen while their entire crews were in deep freeze. What fate befell them when they awoke within restricted space, if they awoke at all, is unknown.

Bio-Infiltration units appear to be human or human-like females melded with advanced biotechnology and cybernetics. They have incredible strength and durability and seem to know ships systems better than the designers know them themselves. They are best (or worst) known for their ability to interface with any computer, hack it, and reprogram it using the interface tentacles sprouting from their spinal column.

The few autopsies on corpses killed in combat reveal that they are, in fact, genetically identical to humans, however their bodies appear to have been genetically tampered with. They have no identifying fingertips or dental work, no genetic flaws or disabilities and are physically at the peak of human perfection.  They also appear to have power psionic abilities as well.

Some psychics have said their aura has the taint of the supernatural about it.

Are these re-engineered captured women or vat-bred clones...and why do they match humanity so closely? Nobody knows.

In the last five years these creatures have expanded their operations to not just stealing ships, but they have also raided a number of genetics facilities; stealing files and attempting to run experiments. The purpose of these tests is unknown. It is also not known why they are stealing ships (and sometimes their crews) or where they are taking them. All that is known is that once those ships cross the Terminus Line they are never seen again.

These creatures are classified as highly dangerous, and all human military organizations have standing shoot-on-sight orders if one is found unauthorized on a ship. Most planets participate in a plan to gather reports on any seen operating in human space. Almost all of the attacks have happened in the Free Colonies, the Xintrin Merchant Guild or the border regions of the Terran Protectorate.

There have been rare reports of some of these beings becoming independent and possibly free-thinking after a head injury or after suffering some severe failure in their cybernetics. These beings have no memory of their missions, lose many of their skills, but maintain their incredible physical aptitude and psionic abilities. They can tell people nothing of where they came from or how they got to where they are except possibly vague feelings of dread about some future calamity and a feeling that time is running out for the rest of the species in the sector.


Alignment: In many ways inapplicable. They will kill anyone who interferes with their strange goals, but are also happy if they just stay out of the way. They do NOT register as supernatural evil, just supernatural. Bio-Infiltrators who go rogue should be considered anarchist and will eventually mirror the alignment of those around them.

Attributes: I.Q. 24, M.E. 24, M.A. 2D6, P.S. 24, P.P. 24, P.E. 24, P.B. 3D6+6, Spd: 50. P.S. and P.E. are considered supernatural.

Size: same as other human, highly athletic females, generally ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Weight: About twice as heavy as most humans their size, likely to do biomechanical cybernetics: 280-360 lbs.

M.D.C.: 100+2D6x10 M.D. Those who go rogue get an additional 2D4 M.D. per level.

Horror Factor: 14

P.P.E: 1D4

I.S.P.: 3D6x10. Rogues get an additional 10 I.S.P. per level.

Average Life Span: Unknown. Likely 300-400 years.

Natural Abilities: Nightvision, 1,500 feet and can see in total darkness. Ultrasonic hearing allows both heightened hearing in the normal range of sound and the ability to hear frequencies higher than those perceptible by the human ear, giving them a +2 to all sound-based perception rolls. Bio-regenerate 1D6 M.D. per minute.

Impervious to pain: Pain from injuries are totally ignored, and spells like Agony and psionics like bio-manipulation: pain have no effect. They feel the pain, they just don't care and it does not inhibit them in any way. Likewise, something like tear gas will make it hard for them to see, and irritate their bodies like any other living being, but they would ignore these effects mentally, making them essentially ineffective.

Impervious to fear: horror factors, either natural, magically or psionically induced, have no effect.

Machine interface: The four prehensile interface cables allow bio-infiltrator units to link directly into any machine. Linking and integration takes two melee actions once the cable physically connects to any input device (could be a keyboard, universal headjack port, etc.). Once connected, they have the equivalent psionic powers of Telemechanics, Machine Ghost and Telemechanic Operation as long as they are connected with no I.S.P. The tentacles are four feet long and have a supernatural strength of 12 each for lifting purposes.

Psionics: Considered a 6th level master psionic with the following abilities: Negate Poison/Toxins, Summon Inner Strength, See the Invisible, Total Recall, Speed Reading, and Telepathy. They also have the Super-psionic abilities of Psychic Bodyfield, Mind Bolt, Psi-Sword, Psionic Omnisight, Telemechanics, Telemechanic Operation, and Telemechanic Paralysis.

Magic: None.

Combat: Equivalent to Hand-to-Hand Assassin at 6th level (all bonuses included) with seven attacks per melee round. Restrained punch: 4D6 S.D.C., Punch: 2D6 M.D., Power Punch (counts as two attacks): 4D6 M.D.

Bonuses: +4 to initiative, +5 to all perception rolls, +7 to strike, +8 to parry, +8 to dodge, +6 to Pull Punch, +2 to roll with fall/impact, +4 to entangle, +1 to strike with thrown weapons, +5 to save vs magic and psionics, +7 to save vs insanity, +5 to save vs poisons, +18% vs coma/death, W.P. Paired Weapons. All bonuses are included.

Skills: Have the following skills at 98%: Computer Operation, Computer Programming, Computer Repair, Computer Hacking, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Navigation: Space, Radio: Basic, Sensory Equipment, Astronomy, Advanced Math, and Zero G Maneuvering and Combat; has the following skills at 75%: Starship Mechanics, Jury-Rig, Cryptography, Gravitic Engineering, Radio: Quantum, Pilot Star fighter, Pilot Small Starship, Pilot Large Starship, EVA, Prowl, Pick Locks, Detect Concealment, Gymnastics (bonuses accounted for in stats), Intelligence. Also has all modern W.P.s, as well as W.P. Polearm, W.P. Sword, W.P. Blunt and W.P. Chain at 6th level proficiency. They also fluently speak and read all common starfaring languages as well as Dragonese/Elven and Ancient One, Two and Three.

Equipment: Typically carry one melee weapon and one ranged weapon scavenged from previous acquisitions. They tend to have no preference as long as they have the W.P. to use the weapon. Will also typically have a supply of scavenged water or food available to them. Will not hesitate to drink poisoned or tainted water or food, due to their ability to cleanse themselves psionically.

Note: BIUs appear to have no genetic skills on their own. However they have been observed suddenly performing strange genetic experiments and trying to capture genetic facilities. Some believe that this knowledge is transmitted from somewhere, and something, else.  


Rogue Bio-Infiltration Units (optional R.C.C.)


Rogue BIUs can occur when they suffer severe trauma to the cybernetics at the back of their head, damaging the cybernetic portion of their brain implants. They can also be intentionally freed by a successful Mental Shock spell, or a psychic with the abilities: Psychic Diagnosis, Psychic Surgery, and Telemechanics who is intentionally trying to free it. Once freed from the control of whatever created/controlled them, the Rogue BIUs lose all memories beyond the moment they were freed, and possibly 1D4 days before.

They are also -2 to initiative, -2 to strike, -3 to parry and dodge, -3 to pull punch, and -1 to strike with thrown weapons, and have Hand-to-Hand: Assassin at level one, starting with four total attacks per melee round.

All skills that were once 98% are now at base level +20%, they also lose half the skills that were at 75% (gone for good unless relearned) and the remaining skills are at base level +10%. However, they can pick four O.C.C. related skills from any category at +5%, and four secondary skills. These are skills that they somehow gained interfacing with some computer system in the past and are not sure how they acquired them. They can select a new O.C.C. related skill at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12. At every even numbered level (2, 4, 6, etc.) they can select one minor psionic ability from any of the three categories. Use the Mind Melter/Ley Line Walker experience table. Start at level one and progress as normal.

Alignment is considered Anarchist until level 3, when a permanent alignment can be chosen.

Other BIUs do not seem to care about rogues any more than they care about anyone else and make no special effort to hunt or track them. However, they may dissect or examine one for some unknown purpose. However, they are hunted and feared by most sentient species and often must hide their cybernetics to avoid attack or capture for study/dissection.