The Ares-Draconis Brotherhood


“And on that morning, after you have survived your first battle, your food will taste better. The air will smell sweeter. The Sun will shine brighter. For then, for the first time, you will be truly alive, and know what it means to live.” –from last year’s commencement speech by Brother Cao Durandel, Headmaster of the Marine Officer’s Academy.


This is the most militant of the crèche clans, and has a heavy, commanding presence in the Colonial Marines. Most clan members can be found in one of the branches of military, preferably where combat is most likely. However, they can also be found in weapons development and many, much to the clan’s chagrin, have found their way into pirate and brigand groups. Members of the Brotherhood (who refer to each other as Brother and Sister) are proud warriors with honor off the battlefield. However, on the battlefield they have a “whatever it takes to win” philosophy, backed by a generally “humans first” attitude when dealing with alien species. Members of the Brotherhood also have a tradition of Vendetta, a blood oath to right a wrong or avenge an insult or injury done to the clan. This is, fortunately, not something taken lightly, and as most Brothers try hard to follow Protectorate law, it rarely ends in death. This is not the case with brigands and pirates, however.


Traits: Militant, proud, pro-human.


Bonuses: +5% to all military skills, and may pick any one military skill for free regardless of O.C.C. +10 S.D.C and +1 to strike in both melee combat and with all ranged weapons. Also receive W.P. sword regardless of O.C.C.


Penalties: -2 to M.A., tend toward abrasiveness and brusqueness, though there are some excellent leaders among them. Also receive -10% on all domestic and medical skills.


Affectations: Love to wear ornate but functional melee weapons. Every member is traditionally given an ornately fashioned vibro-sabre upon reaching adulthood. Clan colors are blue and gold. A royal, five-clawed golden Chinese dragon is their clan symbol. There is a long-standing tradition of getting tattoos after surviving major battles or overcoming major personal obstacles or enemies. Some members of the Brotherhood see this practice as archaic. But a large portion of the Brotherhood still embraces this practice. Accomplished warriors often have extensive tattoos across their entire body. The most hardcore get these tattoos done with old-fashioned bone needles and home made ink.